With the Justice League and Zombies Zack Snyder «Spider-Man No Way Home» hits the Oscars twice

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In a bid to garner additional exposure from a younger audience, the Academy responsible for the Oscars asked fans to vote for their favorites this time. Above all via social media, they should vote in two categories — for their favorite film of the year 2021 and for the best jubilant moment in cinema history. There were no Oscars for the winning films (even if it’s sometimes written that way), but Zack Snyder will still be happy that his films won in both categories.

«Army Of The Dead» is the fan favorite movie

Although many (including the author of these lines) assume that the fan vote for the favorite movie of the year was actually only introduced to somehow recognize » Spider-Man: No Way Home » , now Zack Snyder’s » Army Of The Dead ” the race.

The zombie film with Matthias Schweighöfer relegated the Amazon Prime video musical » Cinderella » and the Johnny Depp film » Minamata » to places 2 and 3. The highly favored «Spider-Man: No Way Home» was only fourth

It was NO joke: Will Smith actually smacked Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars

Of all the films in the first three places, it is known that fans on the internet made a massive effort to ensure their favorites were chosen. Behind «Cinderella» and «Minamata» rallied the supporters of superstars Camila Cabello and Johnny Depp , respectively . «Army Of The Dead» helped with the fact that the fan base who had been tried for years promoting a Snyder cut of «Justice League» now moved on to «Army Of The Dead».

The special thing about it: Actually, many of these fans first made the mood for » Zack Snyder’s Justice League » — until it was made clear again that the film is not considered a new film of the year 2021 and is not up for election, according to the Oscar regulations is allowed. That turned many of those fans around — along with those who voted for «Army Of The Dead» from the start, that was enough to win.

«Justice League» has the «cheer-worthy moment»

How big and, above all, how well organized Zack Snyder’s fan base is was also shown in the second category, where «Justice League» could actually be chosen. The question was asked about the «cheer-worthy moment» in film history, i.e. that moment when you screamed and/or applauded with enthusiasm in the cinema or in front of the TV.

Here, the scene from » Zack Snyder’s Justice League » in which Ezra Miller enters the Speed ​​Force as The Flash won.

This relegated the favorite scene from » Spider-Man: No Way Home «, in which the three Spideys become a team, to second place. This is followed by » Avengers: Endgame » (all Avengers gather for the final battle against Thanos), the musical » Dreamgirls » (Effie White sings «I’m Telling You») and as the conclusion of the Top 5 » Matrix » (the first Bullet time moment when Neo dodges a bullet).

After a lot of criticism: A one-time prize?

It is doubtful whether there will be such an audience award in the future. At least in this form it will probably remain unique. Even within the Academy, there was a lot of criticism of the hasty introduction and the voting process via social media, according to many members.

Because he simply ensures that those films win that the fans organize best for — and it doesn’t even have to be about the films themselves that you actually want to celebrate. This shows, for example, the high placement of «Minamata». Here, Johnny Depp fans only wanted to draw attention to their darling. The film itself and its quality played no role. Hardly anyone in the world has even seen the film.

It is so significant that the Academy itself is now pretty much silent about the newly introduced prizes after the award ceremony. Neither on the official website nor on the official Twitter channel are the two awards particularly highlighted. After all, it’s not Oscars that «Army Of The Dead» and the cheer moment from «Zack Snder’s Justice League» got there…

Instead, there were awards for “ CODA ” as best film and for “ Dune ” in six categories. All other winners can be found in our large overview article:

Oscars: The list of all the winners of the 2022 Academy Awards



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