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The almighty Q ( John de Lancie ) got his frenemy Jean-Luc Picard ( Patrick Stewart ) in a mess again: A small change in the past turned the Federation into an anti-alien, fascist organization. Of course , the ex-enterprise captain and his new crew don’t want to leave it at that in the second season of » Star Trek: Picard «. And so, of all things, they travel to Los Angeles in the year 2024 with the help of the Borg Queen ( Annie Wersching ).

There they don’t (yet) know exactly how Q intervened in time, but the so-called watcher (Watcher in the original) is supposed to help them with the answer, and they follow their trail. But who could this guardian actually be, who apparently has knowledge that goes beyond the year 2024?

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Adam Soong

From the way the Warden has been teased so far in Star Trek: Picard, we’re actually pretty sure he’s an old acquaintance from the Star Trek universe, or at least a character who points to the one or is otherwise connected to the well-known. And this is where Adam Soong could come in.

This is a new character though. However, as his last name suggests, he may be an ancestor of the scientist and data creator Dr. to be Noonien Soong. And as is usual with the Soongs in the «Star Trek» franchise, Adam Soong will also be played by Data actor Brent Spiner , which was already revealed in the trailer for the second «Picard» season .

CBS Studios Brent Spiner as Adam Soong in Star Trek: Picard

And indeed, there are many indications that Adam Soong plays a very central role in Q’s time shenanigans. In the trailer, we see Q present him with a mysterious vial, which may well mark the very intervention that is shaping the grim alternate future. In this, in episode 2 of season 2, a hologram monument of Adam Soong could actually be seen for a short time, which means that Adam Soong really seems to have played some important part in the establishment of the totalitarian regime.

But is Soong actually the intended guardian or is it rather the next station in the current Picard odyssey, to which the guardian will then possibly refer?

Wesley Crusher

In our opinion, the story of the Guardian would be the best opportunity for the next big «Star Trek» comeback, namely that of Wesley Crusher. Although nothing is known about a return of actor Wil Wheaton , this could just be a well-kept secret. In terms of content, it would definitely fit very well.

Fans of » Starship Enterprise: The Next Century » (aka «Star Trek: The Next Generation») remember: In his last appearance in the series, child prodigy Wesley suddenly displayed a very special ability: He could manipulate time. This has called his old friend, the mysterious traveller, to whom space and time are not as important as they are to humans. Wesley then left his friends and Starfleet behind to go with the Traveler and, like him, attain some sort of new form of existence.

CBS Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) in Starship Enterprise: The Next Century

And even if this development was apparently revised a bit in the movie » Star Trek: Nemesis » (at least we see Wesley here again in Starfleet uniform at the wedding of Will Riker and Deanna Troi), he should not have suddenly lost his powers. In any case, his special relationship to space and time and his connection to his former idol Picard would predestine him as a guardian.

Soji, Laris or Guinan

Even though «Star Trek: Picard» has so far spoken of THE Guardian, that does not necessarily mean that the character is actually male. Some female candidates could also be considered here. The Star Trek: Picard Season 2 preview also suggested that in 2024 we might also see Picard’s housekeeper Laris ( Orla Brady ) and the android Soji ( Isa Briones ) — or at least someone who looks like them get see.

Especially Soji has been badly neglected in season 2 after her so important role in season 1. So it would be quite conceivable that you as a guard again have a crucial task. However, the character seen in the trailer might not be Soji himself. Just as in the case of Laris, it is questionable how she ended up in the past (she wasn’t on board the Sirena after all). Maybe the alleged Soji doppelganger is actually Adam Soong’s daughter.

This could finally explain why the woman in the painting that Data once drew for Picard already had Soy’s face. Her appearance is possibly closely linked to the history of the Soongs and thus also to Data. Analogous to the fact that Soji (just like her destroyed twin sister Dahj) descended from Data, the woman in the trailer could now be a Soong offspring.

CBS Studios Isa Briones as Soji (?) in 2024

Finally, let’s not forget El-Aurian Guinan ( Whoopi Goldberg ) , who is already several centuries old and thus also lived in the year 2024 (in a «Next Generation» time travel episode she was even on the 19th century to see earth). Although Guinan cannot see into the future, as a wise observer of her environment, she knows many connections that are hidden from others, and so she could once again offer advice to Picard.

someone completely different

Even if we would find it almost a bit disappointing, it is of course also possible that the guardian turns out to be a previously completely unknown character. Of course, speculating about his identity is difficult in this case, but at one point in the trailer in question, a mysterious man with white eyes appears at Picard’s side :

CBS Studios Is that behind Picard the Guardian?

It would at least not be the first time in film and series history that a character with visionary abilities is portrayed in such a way. Just think of the Watcher (!) from the Marvel series “ What If ” in the recent past.

Maybe we’ll be smarter next Friday when the fourth episode of the second season of «Star Trek: Picard» will be released on Amazon Prime Video .

Star Trek: Picard - Season 2 Trailer DF
Star Trek: Picard — Season 2 Trailer DF



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