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Similar to » WandaVision » or » Shang-Chi » recently, it is not immediately obvious how the series is actually connected to the rest of the MCU with » Moon Knight «. And in the first episode, which is available on Disney+ today, there are more references to other Disney brands (including » Avatar «) than to the Avengers. So when is Moon Knight set?

To answer that question, you actually have to resort to one of the trailers showing a scene from the second episode — and that’s exactly what Marvel expert and YouTube host Sebastian did in the video above. Below you will find the answer in text form:

2022 Disney and its affiliates. The GRC lettering in «Moon Knight»

The screenshot from the trailer shows Moon Knight in front of a famous London bus with an advertisement for the Global Repatriation Council (GRC) — the organization we already know from » The Falcon And The Winter Soldier » and which is in the was called to life to deal with the victims of Thanos’ finger snaps who returned during Avengers: Endgame.

So Moon Knight takes place some time after Avengers: Endgame . On Disney+, the series is sorted last in the «The Marvel Cinematic Universe in Chronological Order» section, so the series takes place after all series and films that have appeared since «Endgame». However, there is no concrete evidence of this in the series.

» «Moon Knight» on Disney+ *

Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s real name in the comics is Marc Spector, and he’s a man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, meaning he has multiple personalities in his body. It’s apparently similar in the series, except that here Steven Grant (played by Oscar Isaac ) is the first personality we meet.

Given the comic history of the character, it’s no surprise that Marc Spector also gets an appearance, and at the very end of the episode the time has come: in the bathroom scene in the finale we can already see and hear Marc Spector (in the original version, recognizable by the American accent while Steven speaks with a British accent).

There are also three other personalities in the comics: Moon Knight (already seen in episode 1), Mr. Knight (already revealed on a poster) and the taxi driver Steve Lockley (unknown if he also appears).

Ammit and Egyptian Mythology

The villain of Moon Knight is Arthur Harrow ( Ethan Hawke ). While Moon Knight is the avatar of the moon god Khonshu in the comics and the series, Harrow is the avatar of another deity: Ammit.

This is depicted in Egyptian mythology with a crocodile’s head, which is why Harrow has a walking stick with a crocodile’s head and a magical crocodile tattoo. If you want to know more about Ammit and the Egyptian pantheon, be sure to watch Sebastian’s video (starting at minute 6:44).

How good is Moon Knight? Our review of the first 4 episodes
Duchamp and Layla

After all, an Easter egg is actually hidden in “Moon Knight” episode 1, namely in the call list of the mobile phone that Steven finds hiding in his apartment. Next to the name Layla (played by May Calamawy , the main female character of the series) we also see the name Duchamp there.

Duchamp is none other than Jean-Paul «Frenchie» Duchamp, a French soldier and friend and comrade-in-arms of Moon Knight. It is unclear whether we will still see Duchamp in «Moon Knight». However, he is present in the comics when Marc Spector first becomes Moon Knight, so at least a brief guest appearance is possible.

Werewolf or Jackal?

Last but not least, Sebastian briefly addresses the question of what kind of creature Moon Knight is fighting against in the last scene of episode 1. While one could still think after the trailer that it might be a werewolf, in view of the many references to Egyptian mythology it is now clear: It is a humanoid jackal, as known from the «Moon Knight» comics .

Moon Knight Episode 2 will then be released on April 6, 2022 on Disney+ .

Moon Knight at Disney+: The best Marvel series in a long time

Our colleagues from Moviepilot discuss the new Marvel series Moon Knight on Disney+ in their stream podcast:

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