Uncut on TV today Sylvester Stallone is sent through hell in this grim FSK-18 jail tear


As befits an action star, the corresponding prison banger shouldn’t be missing in your own vita. In » Lock Up «, which will be broadcast on Kabel 1 today, March 15 at 11:15 p.m., Sylvester Stallone wanders behind Swedish curtains. The FSK 18 rating already proves that the prison rip-off isn’t exactly squeamish. But don’t worry: Thanks to the broadcasting time after 11 p.m., the film will be shown uncut today.

If you don’t have the time to watch «Lock Up» on TV today, or would rather watch it without ads, you can of course get the grim actioner on Blu-ray, DVD or 4K from providers like Amazon:

» «Lock Up» at Amazon *

That’s what «Lock Up» is about

Frank Leone ( Sylvester Stallone ) has only six months left to serve, but is still transferred to a high-security prison. There he is at the mercy of the cruel harassment of the sadistic warden Warden Drumgoole ( Donald Sutherland ). Frank and Drumgoole have a common past, because the gangster was once the first to break out of a prison led by the evil warden.

Drumgoole has since believed that Frank was responsible for his career failing. Frank, on the other hand, hasn’t forgotten that he wasn’t allowed to visit his terminally ill father because Drumgoole intervened. Now, in the new prison, the latter will do everything possible to make Frank’s life hell — the main thing is that his sentence is extended. Does the prisoner respond to the endless provocations?

Lock Up Trailer OV
Lock Up Trailer OV



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