TV warning This beating action film was a blatant flop in the cinema — and it’s not worth catching up on TV either! — Cinema News

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It’s amazing that the genre of video game filming was fueled mainly from Germany from the year 2000: On the one hand, there was of course the trash phenomenon Uwe Boll , who stormed the market with junk like » House Of The Dead «, » Alone In The Dark , Postal , or Far Cry …

… but also the renowned German producer legend Bernd Eichinger has really let off steam in the segment. When it came to getting hold of more video game licenses after his megahit Resident Evil , he struck gold with the «sexy» fighting game series Dead Or Alive, which he was then introduced to by legendary martial arts choreographer Cory Yuen (» The Executor «) had a film made in China.

Unfortunately, the result was » DOA — Dead Or Alive » — ​​a financial and creative flop, which apart from its little motivated interspersed beach volleyball matches has little to offer that is entertaining.

DOA - Dead or Alive Trailer OV
DOA — Dead or Alive Trailer OV



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