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» Joker » was the mega surprise hit of 2019. Not only did the film about Batman’s legendary nemesis have more in common with Scorsese classics such as «Taxi Driver» and «The King Of Comedy» than with the usual comic adaptations. He also hit the mark: In the end, there were a whopping eleven (!) Oscar nominations (as well as two awards) for the venture (as well as two awards) and over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office – making the rogue origin story by far the most successful film All-time R rating release. The fact that director Todd Phillips can adult entertainment for the masses was already proven a few years earlier — above all with a film that at least we at FILMSTARTS liked much better.

While the 2-star review for «Joker» is probably one of our most discussed film reviews ever (the user rating is a very good 4.1 out of 5 stars), Phillips once got the full number of points with » Hangover «, which made the chaos trip to Las Vegas not only one of the most legendary bachelor parties in film history, but also one of the best comedies of all time for us (whose user rating of 4.2 is also higher than that of «Joker»). And that’s exactly what you can see on free TV tonight: Kabel1 will show «Hangover» on March 15, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. Alternatively, the film is also available as a subscription to Sky or Sky Ticket and Netflix .

» «Hangover» on Sky Ticket *
» «Hangover» on Netflix

Even if the film has long enjoyed cult status a good 13 years after its theatrical release, “Hangover” 2009 was definitely a big surprise. The comedy, which was released in US cinemas with an adult rating, grossed over 465 million dollars and thus not only far more than other party films such as » The Wolf Of Wall Street » (392 million dollars), but also more than many big budget ones Blockbuster as well as Quentin Tarantino’s “ Django Unchained ” ($425 million), which, after all, was his biggest box-office hit.

«Hangover»: The perfect mix of comedy & thriller

The story of Doug ( Justin Bartha ), who before his wedding with his buddies Phil ( Bradley Cooper ), Stu ( Ed Helms ) and Alan ( Zach Galifianakis ) makes Las Vegas unsafe and suddenly disappears without a trace during his bachelor party, is “surprising cleverly and sometimes more skilfully constructed than many a thriller», as the official FILMSTARTS review says, and with this mixture in 2009 it made the leap from cinema hit to cult film.

Hangover Trailer (3) DF
Hangover Trailer (3) DF



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