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In Hollywood people don’t like to talk about money, at least not in public. Behind the scenes, the stars’ agents talk about money all the time: their job is to negotiate as much of it as possible before an actor or actress signs on to a film project. Some stars earn so much that a film alone would make them multi-millionaires if they hadn’t already been. The 25-year-old Tom Holland already belongs in this category — and is still a long way from the salaries of older blockbuster colleagues like Robert Downey Jr. and Dwayne Johnson.

Celebrity finance site puts Tom Holland ‘s earnings as follows: $250,000 for Captain America 3 , where he made his brief debut as Spider-Man, $1.5 million for Spider-Man : Homecoming , Holland ‘s first long solo appearance as Spider-Man (albeit compounded here of base pay and bonuses) and three million for Spidey ‘s return in Avengers 4: Endgame .

But those earnings are based on a multi-film deal that was struck before Holland was a star.

Marvel pays off

The industry magazine Variety writes that the actor can now get two to five million for independent films and five to ten million in fees for the lead role in a blockbuster (a profit-sharing should not yet be included here).

Streaming services, which have more money available than Hollywood studios, could even pay 20 million or more for Holland’s participation — although there is no backend money here either, no success-related bonus that some stars with cinema films have in addition to their success-independent fee earn.

Why so much money?

But why are movie stars like Tom Holland paid so well? The young actor gets so much money because the studios believe that they can make a lot of money from him. Holland has more than 63 million followers on Instagram, whom he addresses directly with his posts, and the success of the «Spider-Man» films is also likely to be related in no small part to Holland’s fundamentally likeable portrayal of the popular comic book hero. She is met with a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm from the audience.

Although stars play a lesser role in a film’s success in the age of brands, some of them are still considered crowd pullers in Hollywood today — and it’s the film that matters: the Tom Holland films The Devil All the Time , » Cherry » and » Chaos Walking » did not find a large audience.

Holland has this experience in common with his older colleagues: not even Dwayne Johnson , Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise guarantee that their films will be hits. Flops like «Baywatch», «The Fantastic Journey of Dr. Dolittle” and “The Mummy” prove it. No star can make every movie a hit. Depending on the role, audiences flock to the theaters or not.

The comparison with the old hands

The comparison with Hollywood’s top earners also shows how much room for improvement Tom Holland still has in terms of earnings: Dwayne Johnson — who is also the best-earning actor in Hollywood because of other incomes — is said to be for his part as skipper in Disney’s » Jungle Cruise » according to yahoo !finance raked in a whopping 22 million dollar fee, that’s currently a typical sum for the busy ex-wrestler.

Robert Downey Jr. , on the other hand , is said to have received $20 million at the end of his career as Iron Man, writes Forbes (according to figures from , he earned a total of more than $345.5 million for all his Marvel appearances , the makes an average of a good 38 million per appearance, but also includes bonuses).

And according to Forbes , Johnny Depp was paid a whopping 55 million US dollars at the peak of his career, making the now almost forgotten “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” (2011) the most expensive film of all time .

man gets richer

Tom Holland’s current pay comes closest to matching his Marvel co-star Scarlett Johansson ‘s film earnings . She currently earns around $10 million per film (her record is $20 million for Black Widow) according to . Although Tom Holland directly benefits from being a man:

As in many other professions, men in Hollywood earn more than women. This is proven by the top 10s of the highest-earning actors and actresses of 2019 . The ten highest-paid men total $588.3 million, and the ten highest-paid women $314.6 million.



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