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Nothing works at Frank Martin without a mobile base made by hand in Germany. In the four » Transporter » films, the highly talented courier driver occasionally tries out an Italian Lamborghini Murcielago, but otherwise Frank only drives German luxury limousines.

This is also the case in the reboot “ The Transporter Refueled ” (tonight from 10:55 p.m. on VOX). In the action film from 2015, Frank is not played by Jason Statham for the first time , but by Ed Skrein , who even left the series “ Game Of Thrones ” especially for the role. Despite the use of the main actor, the restart was anything but successful. But not only the quality of the film, but also the choice of the central car is a problem: Ed Skrein’s «Transporter» Audi simply makes no sense for the plot of the film.

The FILMSTARTS review of «The Transporter Refueled»

In the «Transporter» reboot, Frank Martin drives an Audi S8 — namely the D4 model that came onto the market in 2012. The problem: The film’s action takes place in 2010, so the car shouldn’t have existed at that time. The plot time can be deduced as follows: The first scene of the film takes place in 1995. After some young prostitutes are attacked by Russian gangsters on the French Riviera, the story jumps in time by 15 years (i.e. to the year 2010).

Then we meet the new Frank Martin, whose introduction is very reminiscent of the opening sequence of «Transporter — The Mission» with Jason Statham. Even then, Frank’s car was Audi’s flagship model, although it was still the predecessor model, the D3 (as the A8 W12).

The D4 model series from «Refueled» (seen above as the S8 on an Instagram photo by user stefan_adamov ) was introduced to the Ingolstadt car brand in 2009 — but initially only the conventional A8 and not the top model with the S in front of it . bean counting? Maybe, but especially in a film in which cars play such a big role and the target group is likely to have an affinity for fuel, such inconsistencies are definitely noticeable (especially since the A8 and S8 differ in significantly more details than just the engine).

But other small technical logic mistakes have crept into the film. The iPhone model 5s, which only came onto the market in 2013, can even be seen right at the beginning of the trailer. The so-called continuity is actually responsible for precisely such details in a film production , which always ensures that the scenery and props fit on the set and that there are no connection errors after a cut.

The Transporter Refueled Trailer DF
The Transporter Refueled Trailer DF



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