This is how «Vikings Valhalla» should end on Netflix There is already a very precise plan — with two legendary battles — series news


Three seasons of Vikings: Valhalla have already been secured. The first is currently running on Netflix, the already completed second season will be released in early 2023 and filming for season 3 will start shortly. What happens next depends on whether the series remains as successful as it was when it was launched on Netflix. For series creator Jeb Stuart , however, it is clear that he wants to continue.

The author behind cinema hits like » Die Hard » and » On the Run «, who is now back as a series maker after a long private break, already has plans for «Vikings: Valhalla» beyond the first three seasons.

The Battles of Stamford Bridge & Near Hastings Grand Finale!

In an interview, Stuart revealed that he wants the series to end in 1066: «Most historians think that the Viking Age ended in 1066. I would like to show that.”

For him, this year is the logical end point for «Vikings: Valhalla», although he makes it clear that he needs more than the three seasons ordered so far. In the past there have been rumors that his plan for the series will be five seasons, although in the current interview with Gamesradar he does not give an exact number — only that he wants to continue after season 3.

As Stuart correctly explains, the year 1066 is considered to be the end of the Viking Age. Above all, two battles play a role, which would then most likely also find their way into the series finale: the Battle of Stamford Bridge in September 1066 and the Battle of Hastings a month later…

The historical background of the final Viking battles

At the Battle of Stamford Bridge , the Norwegian King Harald Der Harte (whom we already see played by Leo Suter in the series) was defeated by his rival Harald Godwinson in the Battle for the Crown of England. As you might have guessed from the name, this second Harald is the son of Vikings: Valhalla’s Godwin (played by David Oakes in the series ). However, he did not enjoy the title of King of England for long…

… because a short time later Godwinson lost the Battle of Hastings and probably died in the process. Although he allied with his previous rival Harald Der Harte, he stood no chance against the French Normans around Duke William the Conqueror. The time of the Vikings was over forever.

«Vikings: Valhalla» will change that significantly

As I’m sure you know, Vikings: Valhalla is very free with history. Above all, temporal sequences and events are extremely condensed. As with the original series » Vikings «, the plan is to tell the entire storyline, which started here in 1002, with mostly the same characters and not suddenly continue with sons and daughters in the storyline, which stretches over 60 years. But we already have a very good idea how to bend it all to fit.

We think it’s just Godwin taking on the role of his son. Already, Vikings: Valhalla simplifies the back and forth on the English throne. In the series, Knut ( Bradley Freegard ) followed immediately after Æthelred ( Bosco Hogan ) and his son Edmund ( Louis Davison ). In reality, Knut’s father Sven ( Søren Pilmark ) first conquered England from Æthelred and sat on the throne, but then his predecessor Æthelred ruled again for around two years before the Battle of London shown in the series took place ignored.

«Vikings: Valhalla» on Netflix: The mysterious returnee from the original series explained

And so one could also ignore the fact that after Knut’s reign of almost twenty years, his sons and then another son of Æthelred ruled for a total of around 30 years before the battles of 1066 mentioned above took place. In the series we will probably always see the same characters, the timeline between 1002 and 1066 is simply shortened.

The grand finale: First Godwin vs. Harald then Godwin with Harald?

Godwin is already being portrayed as a very skillful power politician who always finds himself on the winning side. One possibility therefore seems to us that – as in reality – he becomes a close confidant of Knut. Eventually, Godwin grabs the crown himself. He also revolted in reality — but only under Knut’s successor.

Should Godwin also revolt in the series, there will be a conflict with Harald, and the Battle of Stamford Bridge will result. Then the two must pull themselves together again and go into the field against a new enemy: the Battle of Hastings.

Netflix Probably play a very important role in the finale: Godwin and Harald.

But there is still a long way to go until then. First of all, many other events are the focus and it is also exciting whether author Jeb Stuart includes characters like Leif ( Sam Corlett ) and Freydis ( Frida Gustavsson ) in the conflict over England or sends them on other adventures. In reality they had nothing to do with any of this. The series maker has also already announced that he also wants to address their (true) story about the discovery and colonization of today’s America. The future will show whether he then tells it parallel to the events in Europe or finds a way to combine both storylines.

How good is Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix?

As already mentioned, there will be the second season of “ Vikings: Valhalla ” from 2023, which will certainly provide different feedback again. You can currently watch the first season on Netflix and if you’re already done with it, we have another listening tip for you:

In their podcast stream browsing , our colleagues from Moviepilot discuss «Vikings: Valhalla» on Netflix and the sometimes negative fan reactions:



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