The trailer for «Thor 4 Love And Thunder» is here The craziest Marvel movie yet? — Cinema News

Lead actor Chris Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi worked together on Thor 3: Day of Decisions to create what is widely believed to be the best, funniest, and craziest Marvel film ever. However, the first rumors and reports about “ Thor 4: Love And Thunder ” already indicated that the successor will clearly surpass that – and now there is the first trailer.

2x Thor!

In addition to the previous Thor (Chris Hemsworth), another well-known character becomes Thor in «Love And Thunder» : Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman ) was in » Thor » and » Thor 2 » as well as a brief appearance in » Avengers: Endgame «. ‘ and is now transformed from a mortal to the new Thunder Goddess.

But that’s by no means the craziest idea in «Thor 4», because in it we can expect a completely crazy dance of space sharks, goat ships, superstar cameos and the Guardians Of The Galaxy — and not to forget «The Dark Knight» — Star Christian Bale as villain Gorr The God Butcher.

Our analysis of the «Thor 4» trailer

The fact that the Guardians Of The Galaxy play at least a small role in «Thor 4» is of course not a big surprise after the end of «Avengers: Endgame», after all the Asgardians Of The Galaxy (i.e. Thor and the Guardians) break into space there together up — more surprisingly, Thor is back as lean and muscular as ever. Mourning belly and bushy beard are a thing of the past.

Endless cameos

But the Guardians are not the only guests in «Love And Thunder», after all, a few other cameos have already leaked out: Matt Damon , Sam Neill and Luke Hemsworth are, as in «Thor 3», as fake Loki, fake Odin and fake Seeing Thor this time adds Melissa McCarthy as fake Hela (in Thor 3: Cate Blanchett) and Ben Falcone (fake Skurge maybe?).

In addition, Peter Dinklage hinted at his return as the dwarven smith Eitri, who might then be able to repair or reforge the originally destroyed hammer Mjolnir that gives Jane-Foster-Thor her powers.

Thor 4: Love And Thunder Trailer (4) OV
Thor 4: Love And Thunder Trailer (4) OV



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