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With a budget of just 60,000 US dollars, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez were able to achieve a landslide success at the box office in 1999: their horror film » Blair Witch Project » brought in a sensational 249 million US dollars worldwide, making it an absolute megahit . In addition, the shocker triggered a veritable found footage boom and today, due to its extremely unsettling atmosphere alone, it is one of the great genre milestones that horror lovers simply have to see.

Even though » Blair Witch 2 » and » Blair Witch » by Adam Wingard («Godzilla Vs. Kong») didn’t completely fail at the box office, the sequels couldn’t make a commercial impression, nor were the films atmospherically on the level of the disturbing originals. As has now been announced, Lionsgate seems to be thinking about another Blair Witch part.

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The Ankler ‘s Jeff Sneider apparently found out about this, tweeting that genre writers should prepare their pitches because «it sounds like Lionsgate is ready to pitch back in for another ‘ Blair Witch Project ‘ to dare the forest.”

A few years ago, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez expressed their hopes of directing a Blair Witch movie again. Because although they were hardly creatively involved in «Blair Witch 2» or «Blair Witch», they still have enough ideas to expand the universe. Myrick and Sanchez are said to be poised for a sequel, but could also consider standalone spinoffs centered around Rustin Parr and Elly Kedwar, who were also credited in The Blair Witch Project and also linked to gruesome murders of multiple children to be brought.

Nothing has come of it, ironically because Lionsgate hasn’t had any interest in bringing these stories to fruition — until now. Whether we’ll get a new Blair Witch horror remains to be seen. In any case, it would be particularly interesting to see what else Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez can get out of the material.

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