«The Batman 2» with Nicolas Cage? Superstar applies for a crazy villain role — with a concrete plan — cinema news

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Nicolas Cage used the premiere of his new film » Massive Talent » at the SXSW festival in Austin for a small public application as a DC villain. In an interview with a local news station , Cage stated that he would like to try his hand at playing the villain Egghead in The Batman 2. He would like to follow in the footsteps of Vincent Price , who played the character in the 1960s TV series Batman . And it seems that Cage has already had concrete thoughts:

«I think I can really make him absolutely terrifying. And I have a concept for Egghead. So let the people at Warner know I’m ready for Egghead!»

This is Batman villain Egghead

The character Egghead does not actually come from the comics, but was first invented for the mentioned TV series «Batman» from 1966 and played there by horror legend Vincent Price. Only later was he transferred to the comics.

20th Century Television Horror icon Vincent Price as Egghead in Batman

Egghead is Edgar Heed, who has a slightly egg-shaped skull and is bald and thinks he’s the smartest criminal in the world. With his ingenious mind, he even manages to reveal Batman’s secret identity in the ’60s series. From today’s perspective, it seems a bit absurd that he always uses the word «egg» in his sentences and then uses words like «egg-cellent».

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In The Batman 2, he could pose a problem for director Matt Reeves and his team that another villain who primarily uses his intellect might be a little too close to Paul Dano’s Riddler. On the other hand, it also fits with the direction taken with » The Batman » for the Dark Knight played by Robert Pattinson . Because even with Egghead’s ingeniously devised crimes, Batman would be in demand primarily as a detective and it should also be very possible to create the character significantly differently than the Riddler in the first film.

Few details about the possible plans for «The Batman 2» are known. According to director Reeves, talks are currently underway. So it can be to the detriment of all Cage fans that you already have very specific ideas in your head that go in a completely different direction and Cage’s application will fall on deaf ears. In addition, those responsible have already discussed a whole range of other possible bullies in interviews.

«The Batman 2»: These villains want Robert Pattinson & director Matt Reeves

And above all, the ending of «The Batman» already teases a certain future. A return of the Riddler and the one villain that every cinema Batman simply has to meet is already hinted at here .

Egghead, on the other hand, would be a fresh choice. It has never been used in a major live-action motion picture, although there was a plan. When Joel Schumacher was working on a sequel to Batman Forever and Batman & Robin called Batman Unchained, Egghead was a candidate to be the main villain. However, that was settled after the flop “Batman & Robin”.

Fans have long been demanding: comic super fan Nicolas Cage in a DC movie

For Nicolas Cage , the role of Egghead could be a DC live-action dream come true. The comic book fanatic, who has a gigantic collection and named one of his sons Kal-El, was once supposed to play Superman for Tim Burton . There was even a dress rehearsal before the project fell apart. For years, fans have been demanding that he get another chance — in the animated film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies ” he was at least allowed to speak to the hero.

Recently, however, many fans have had their hopes restored. After all, DC is introducing its own version of the multiverse with The Flash . Wouldn’t it be great if Nicolas Cage could also be seen as Superman alongside Michael Keaton ‘s announced Batman comeback? And if only for a brief cameo…

A lot of Nic Cage: in the cinema, on Amazon Prime Video and in the podcast

Incidentally, the aforementioned “ Massive Talent ” will be released in cinemas on April 21, 2022 and is a must for all Nicolas Cage fans. The actor plays himself in the action comedy, which has garnered rave reviews. If you want to see more of Nicolas Cage directly, we recommend the gripping drama “ Pig ”, which has been available for subscription on Amazon Prime Video for a few days , in which Cage shows himself from a completely different side.

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And there’s even more Nicolas Cage in the current edition of our podcast Love of the Screen. Because you’ve repeatedly brought us the request, we’re not talking about a current movie, but instead about » Con Air » and Cage’s long hair.

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