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Strong reviews, plans for a whole trilogy and numerous hints in the film: After the very good start of » The Batman » , the announcement of «The Batman 2» seems to be just a formality. But what happens in the sequel? And what villains will Robert Pattinson face in his second appearance as Batman?

«The Batman» seems to indicate that Riddler (Paul Dano) and the Joker revealed at the end of the film (not playing like Stanley Merkel: Barry Keoghan originally announced) will be the villains , but that doesn’t mean anything. This is also proven by the statements by Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves, who bring completely different villains into play for «The Batman 2».

Court Of Owls

Robert Pattinson has said several times that in The Batman 2 he would like to see the Council of Owls, a secret society that controls Gotham from underground and posed major challenges to Batman in a comic book storyline launched in 2011.

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The story, which plays with elements of horror and takes Bruce Wayne to his limits and the brink of insanity, would fit well into the dark world established in The Batman. There have also been revelations that not all is as it seems in Bruce’s family’s past.

In the interview above, Pattinson, Dano, Zoe Kravitz, and Jeffrey Wright discuss various fan theories about The Batman, including the owls’ advice. If Thomas and Martha Wayne had disappeared because they were secretly leading the Owls, it would be very difficult for Bruce, Pattinson said.

And then Paul Dano whispers conspiratorially: » It’s a good thing that the Council of Owls isn’t in this film. Or maybe it is…?» It is possible that there is even an Easter Egg hidden in «The Batman» that alludes to the Court Of Owls…

Calendar Man

Pattinson also revealed to Den Of Geek that he’d like to see Calendar Man as the villain, who, as his name suggests, has an obsession with the holidays and themed his crimes around them.

Julian Day, as his real name is, most recently guest -starred on The Suicide Squad (played by Sean Gunn ). Calendar Man is best known from the comic series «The Long Halloween», where he helps Batman as a kind of Hannibal Lecter. Elements from «The Long Halloween» can also be found in «The Batman».

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Mister Freeze

Director Matt Reeves , on the other hand, has already stated that he would be interested in a Batman film with Mr. Freeze as the villain, who is known to use all sorts of crazy ice weapons. He told Collider :

» It would be an interesting challenge for me to see how you could even down-to-earth a character like Mr. Freeze. That’s such a great story, isn’t it? I’m sure there’s a down-to-earth version of that and it could be very impressive and really awesome.”

Anyone who only knows Mr. Freeze in the silly version played by Arnold Schwarzenegger from » Batman & Robin «, where Arnie shoots around with an ice cannon and tells all sorts of puns, should be surprised. But the character Mister Freeze has a deep tragedy: Because Victor Fries, as his real name is, is looking for a cure for his terminally ill wife and, in desperation, resorts to questionable methods.


In addition, Matt Reeves also threw the name Hush into the ring in a Twitter FAQ, which many fans already had on their list thanks to a hint in «The Batman». In «The Batman» there is namely the journalist Edward Elliot, and thus a character who has the same surname as Thomas Elliot aka Hush (and the word «Hush» also features prominently in the film).

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Thomas Elliot is Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend in the comics, but he gradually develops a great hatred for Bruce and eventually tries to kill Bruce and Batman under the name Hush. You can also learn more about Hush in the video below, where we go through the different choices for the villain in Part 2:

The Batman: How can it continue in part 2? (FILMSTARTS Original)
The Batman: How can it continue in part 2? (FILMSTARTS Original)



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