That was never the case with «The Walking Dead» Season 11 enters new territory — but not in German — series news


It’s hard to believe, but although the desolate world of » The Walking Dead » actually invites you to curse all the time, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse are still holding back as much as possible, even after many years. Of course, this is less due to the good manners of the characters, but rather to the regulations of the “Walking Dead” broadcaster AMC.

As a cable broadcaster, it doesn’t actually have to comply with the anti-curse regulations of conventional US television, but it still severely restricts vulgar language so as not to alienate the financiers behind the broadcaster (this is different with premium cable providers such as HBO which are not supported by sponsors but by subscriptions).

As is so often the case in the USA, in the case of «The Walking Dead» there are no problems with explicit, sometimes extreme depictions of violence, but if someone says the «bad» F-word, the fun stops. Meanwhile, AMC theoretically allows two fucks per «Walking Dead» season. But while the spin-off “ Fear The Walking Dead ” definitely makes use of it, even after 167 episodes an occasional “shit” was the highest of feelings in the parent series – until now!

«Walking Dead» and the Fucks

Even in the past, «The Walking Dead» wasn’t exactly «fuck»-free, strictly speaking. However, the use of the term was limited to a swallowed «fuck» by Daryl ( Norman Reedus ) in an argument with Rick ( Andrew Lincoln ) in episode 4 of season 9, an inaudible «fuck» by Rosita ( Christian Serratos ) while slicing up zombies in Episode 9 of Season 11, as well as cut and alternate scenes on the Seasons home theater releases. Perhaps most prominent here is the «fuck» tirade at the alternate introduction of Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) at the start of Season 7.

A scene from the new 15th episode of the eleventh and final «Walking Dead» season is indeed the first time that we really clearly and boldly pronounced «fuck» in the final version of a «Walking Dead» series. Episode presented — and it could hardly have been placed better.

» «The Walking Dead» at Disney+ *

When Commonwealth leader Lance Hornsby ( Josh Hamilton ) turns Hilltop upside down and eventually even wants to manipulate little Hershel ( Kien Michael Spiller ) to get the information he wants, the others get overwhelmed. The situation comes to a head and Daryl ends up pointing his gun at Lance, even though he actually works as a soldier for the Commonwealth.

With a threat, however, he manages to defuse the situation: «Unless you wanna die for nothing. Tell ’em to drop the guns before something really fucking bad happens.” The “fuck” underscores the seriousness of the situation and Daryl’s anger, not least because it’s so unusual to hear it on The Walking Dead.

No swearing in German

In the German version of the new «Walking Dead» episode, however, almost nothing remains of all this. It is indeed not always easy to translate a «fuck» or «fucking» directly, but in this case no effort was made to find a suitable counterpart, so that Daryl does not even swear at all in German in the said scene and his warning is thus robbed a bit of its force and emphatic force.

While the optional German subtitles on Disney + at least read «… before something damn bad happens», it only says explicitly: «If you don’t want to die for nothing, then they should put down their guns before it gets really bad.» .” The historical “Walking Dead” fuck moment is unfortunately completely denied to fans of the German dubbed version.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15: The Calm Before the Storm (FILMSTARTS Original)
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15: The Calm Before the Storm (FILMSTARTS Original)



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