Steven Spielberg’s DC blockbuster in the balance 200 million dollars expensive and dependent on plans for Batman and Co.

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Shortly after Ready Player One hit theaters in 2018, it made headlines: Steven Spielberg is filming the DC comic series Blackhawk. At the time, Warner and comic book giant DC announced their collaboration in a press release, from which the pride could be read correctly that the legendary director would be making a film about characters from the DC Universe for the first time.

At that time, David Koepp , who had already written “Jurassic Park” and “War of the Worlds” for Spielberg, set about adapting the comic. But then the project went quiet. Now Koepp finally gave an update.

In an interview with Collider , he broached the subject of the film, working title Blackhawks , not only revealing that the project is ongoing, but also praising his own screenplay: «We have a script and it’s very good. We all think it’s very good.”

But then what does it depend on?

The reasons why «Blackhawks» is not progressing

David Koepp immediately cites a multitude of problems.

Where is the DC Universe going? Koepp points out that there have been a lot of management changes at Warner in recent years and those in charge now have to decide what to do with their DC universe about the «Justice League» heroes like Batman, Superman and Co . want to do . Koepp is alluding to the fact that Warner’s plans have changed again and again in recent years. For a long time it was about creating a large universe like the competitor Marvel, but now films like “ The Batman ” can stand on their own. “Blackhawks” is also supposed to stand on its own.

The film is going to be really expensive! Another problem is the budget. «Blackhawks» is one of those films that need $ 200 million. Getting such a huge project off the ground is always a big process. It’s well known (and yes, it’s taken for granted) that studios struggle to approve a massive $200 million project.

Steven Spielberg’s busy schedule! One problem Koepp only touches on is Spielberg’s busy schedule. The director has just made “ The Fabelmans ”, a semi-autobiographical film in which he processes experiences from his own childhood. Now he’s in the middle of post-production. Besides that, there are half a dozen possible projects he can tackle next. Koepp therefore seems unsure whether Spielberg will find the time to direct “Blackhawks” himself: “Of course I hope he does. But if he’s not directing himself, hopefully he’s producing it and someone else great is directing.”

This is «Blackhawks»

«Blackhawks» is based on the comic series «Blackhawk», which was first published by Quality Comics from 1941 and was then taken over by DC from 1957. The focus is on the Blackhawk Squadron, or the Blackhawks for short, a team of elite pilots of different nationalities who fight together for good in World War II. It is led by the mysterious Blackhawk. The flying aces not only have to deal with Nazis, but also with super villains.

As Koepp revealed, the adaptation will take place in 1940 and will initially function independently and without any connection to other DC films. When planning it, he and Spielberg wanted to make «a great movie» and not think about any universes. But of course it is the case that in the end there are always ways to connect the films if those responsible for DC and Warner want it. After all, there is time travel in comics or some gimmick that always makes it possible when those responsible suddenly say: «Wonder Woman has to be there.»

So while David Koepp in the interview with Collider hopes the film will come to fruition because he really likes the script, it remains to be seen whether Blackhawks will come out or it will end up being too expensive for Warner and DC and/or not in theirs plans fit. Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans will be released first . After the US cinema start in the Oscar season at the end of 2022, the German start is currently announced for March 9, 2023. Meanwhile, the next live-action DC movie in this country is “ Black Adam ” with Dwayne Johnson on October 20, 2022.

Black Adam Teaser OV
Black Adam Teaser OV



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