«Star Trek Picard» This is how Brent Spiner’s return in season 2 solves a mystery from season 1 — series news

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After once playing one of the most popular characters in » Starship Enterprise: The Next Century » (aka «Star Trek: The Next Generation»), Data actor Brent Spiner and his one-time star role also played in the first season of the quasi-revival » Star Trek: Picard ” is a very important part. As is well known, it was Data (whom Spiner portrayed again in dream sequences) on whose technical basis the android twins Dahj and Soji ( Isa Briones ) were created, around which much of the story revolved.

Spiner was then also known as Dr. Altan Soong, who started his father’s robotic research, data builder Dr. Noonian Soong, keep pushing. And now in Season 2, Brent Spiner returns in a new yet familiar role. In episode 5 he appears in the 21st century as Dr. Adam Soong on , an ancestor of the said Soongs, who looks amazingly similar to his descendants and thus also to the Noonian Soong modeled on Data.

» «Star Trek: Picard» Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video *

Adam Soong is a geneticist desperate to find a cure for his daughter Kore’s rare immune disease that kills air and sunlight. And the fact that Soji/Dahj actress Isa Briones slips into the skin of that same Kore solves a mystery from the first «Picard» season in passing.

Soji role model Kore

From the Star Trek: Picard season 2 trailer , which already saw Isa Briones in the 21st century, we speculated that she might be playing Adam Soong’s daughter here. The new episode now confirms this and thus also provides the suspected explanation for the appearance of Dahj and Soji.

Kore’s face is closely linked to the history of the Soongs, and the knowledge about it may have been passed down through generations until it was also anchored in Noonian Soong and probably also in his son Altan. So Altan Soong, together with cybernetics expert Bruce Maddox ( John Ales ), ultimately built Dahj and Soji based on the optical model of Kore (or maybe one of her descendants). It is possible that even Kore’s female descendants looked confusingly like her — just as all male Soong descendants apparently look like Brent Spiner.

CBS Studios Kore Soong (Isa Briones) is the inspiration for Data’s painting Daughter from the first season of Picard.

And that’s not all: Noonian Soong passed on all his knowledge and memories to his android «son» Data in the 24th century, so that ultimately the information about Kore’s face was stored somewhere in him. This in turn explains why the woman in a painting that Data painted years before the «birth» of Dahj and Soji while he was aboard the Enterprise already had the twins’ face. Appropriately, he named this picture «daughter». And Dahj and Soji were later referred to as his daughters, which — as we now know — reflects the relationship between Adam and Kore Soong.

In the coming weeks we will find out what revelations await us in the second season of «Star Trek: Picard». Episode 6 will be released on April 8, 2022 at around 11 a.m. on Amazon Prime Video .

Star Trek: Picard - Season 2 Trailer DF
Star Trek: Picard — Season 2 Trailer DF



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