Soon away from Netflix A fantasy action blockbuster with Keanu Reeves which has lost up to 175 (!) million — cinema news

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You only have until the end of March to stream 47 Ronin on Netflix. Then the fantasy blockbuster leaves the streaming service, at least for the time being, where it suddenly became really popular again. In the cinema, “47 Ronin” was a real mega flop. The worldwide revenue of just $152 million is said to not even be enough to cover the marketing costs. The studio was completely left with the stately production budget of 175 million dollars.

«47 Ronin» is followed by «Blade Of The 47 Ronin»

It was only many years after the theatrical release that the story of a group of stray samurai who team up with a half-blood ( Keanu Reeves ) to put a stop to dark forces found new fans. 47 Ronin became so popular on Netflix that the streaming service is now even working on a sequel with the working title Blade Of The 47 Ronin . This takes place around 300 years after the events of the first part, so no members of the original cast are returning.

We can therefore imagine that Netflix will try to include the original again when the second part is released (which has not yet been decided). Now he will disappear after March 31st. Incidentally, “47 Ronin” can currently also be streamed on Amazon Prime Video by subscription. But you shouldn’t take too long there either. According to the announcement, it will be unavailable on Prime Video for a little longer, but at the time of writing this article it will only be available for 11 days, after which you will have to pay extra.

» «47 Ronin» on Amazon Prime Video *

Many highlights only for a short time on Netflix

As the end of the month approaches, numerous other films are also leaving the streaming service. If you have any of them on the watchlist, it is best to watch them directly.

The following are only available until March 30th:

» Seven » — serial killer hunt starring Brad Pitt
» Troy » — historical action also with Brad Pitt
» The Town » — contemporary action by and starring Ben Affleck

Only one day longer and thus available until the end of March are among others:

» Man Of Tai Chi » — more martial arts action with Keanu Reeves
» Siberia » — Keanu Reeves again, albeit in a rather tepid thriller
» Ballon » — captivating GDR drama by Bully Herbig
» Blackhat » — Thriller directed by Michael Mann and starring Chris Hemsworth
» Cast Away » — Tom Hanks is stranded on an island struggling to survive
» Catch Me If You Can » — directed by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks attempts to catch Leonardo DiCaprio
» Terminal » — more Tom Hanks, again for Spielberg, here he is stranded at an airport
» Forgotten World — Jurassic Park » — even more Spielberg, now without Hanks but with dinosaurs
» Schindler’s List » — and yet another film by Steven Spielberg, his masterpiece about the Holocaust
» Dawn Of The Dead » — zombie horror action directed by Zack Snyder
‘ Dating Queen ‘ — Amy Schumer rocks out in comedy
» Dirty Dancing » — pure dance cult
» How to Train Your Dragon » — strong animated film for the whole family
» Everest » — a thrilling fight for survival based on a true story starring Jake Gyllenhaal
» Jarhead » — Jake Gyllenhaal again, this time as a soldier on duty
» Kung Fu Hustle » — crazy action
» Kung Fu Panda » & » Kung Fu Panda 2 » — great animated comedy double pack
» Shrek » & » Shrek 2 » & the spin-off » Puss in Boots » — more hilarious animated entertainment
» Transporter — The Mission «, » Transporter 3 » and » Transporter Refueled » — car action twice with Jason Statham, then in the prequel with Ed Skrein

While many films are leaving Netflix, numerous new titles are of course also coming. More than a dozen new films and series have already been announced at the start of the month on April 1st. The rest of April also offers plenty of supplies. As always, you can find an overview of the titles announced so far in our monthly preview:

New on Netflix in April 2022: A Marvel-star dino adventure, the finale of one of Netflix’s best series & more

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