“Sonic The Hedgehog 2” The post-credit scene and its meaning for “Sonic 3” explained

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+++ Caution, spoilers for “Sonic 2” +++

After the extremely successful first part, ” Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ” again offers entertaining blockbuster fun with the blue hedgehog. Fans of the SEGA franchise can look forward to new additions, Tails and Knuckles, but another important “Sonic” character makes his screen debut in the video game adaptation. In the end credits scene of “Sonic 2”, Shadow appears, who looks confusingly similar to the title hero except for his black and red coloring.

So the post-credits scene (which is actually a mid-credits scene, since it runs between the two credits) goes back to the finale scene where Sonic vs. Dr. Robotnik ( Jim Carrey ) and his giant robot fought. The villain fell from a great height, his fate is uncertain. But when the government organization GUN arrives at the scene, Robotnik’s henchman Stone ( Lee Majdoub ) has also slipped among the officers. This suggests he will save the injured Robotnik before the US government gets their hands on him.

Then there is a conversation between GUN leader Walters ( Tom Butler ) and an agent. It is revealed that documents have surfaced about a secret research facility that has been idle for 50 years. Then there is even a look into the lab and we see Shadow who is in a capsule.

This is Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is like an anti-sonic. Although the two have about the same abilities and the black hedgehog can even keep up with Sonic’s breathtaking speed, they represent opposite poles in character. While Sonic always has a snappy joke on his lips and is easily distracted, Shadow is dead serious and always on his Mission focused.

Though initially introduced as Sonic’s nemesis, Shadow has often fought alongside the hero over the course of the various games.

SEGA Shadow on the cover of the video game Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow made its debut in the video game Sonic Adventure 2. His history there fits very well with the end credits scene from the new “Sonic” movie. In the game, Shadow was created by Dr. Created Robotnik’s grandfather Gerald in his attempts to create the ultimate life form. 50 years after the Black Hedgehog was captured and put into an artificial sleep, he is awakened by Robotnik and used as a weapon against Sonic.

This means Shadow’s appearance for “Sonic 3”

“ Sonic The Hedgehog 3 ” is coming and although there is no further information about the sequel apart from the official confirmation, after the post credit scene of “Sonic 2” it can be said pretty precisely how it will probably continue. that dr Robotnik is still alive should be clear. It is possible that he was injured so badly in the fall that he now needs an artificial body that corresponds more closely to his spherical appearance from playing. In any case, the transformation would be perfect, even if there are no concrete indications of this yet.

Getting to see Shadow is almost a guarantee that he’ll have a bigger role in Sonic 3. Having lain hidden in an underground laboratory for 50 years, as in his video game debut, it seems highly likely that Dr. Robotnik will track him down and wake him up. He could then – like Knuckles in “Sonic 2” – act as a secondary villain, but possibly switch sides as the film progresses.

Should “Sonic 3” be based even more on “Sonic Adventure 2” it could even go into space – including a Death Star-like weapon. Because the laboratory in which Shadow was created is located in the game on the Space Colony ARK, a space station with which the energy of the Chaos Emeralds can be used to destroy entire planets. If that’s the case in the movie sequel, Sonic has his biggest screen adventure yet to come.

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