Out for DC Star? Warner is said to be pausing all projects with “The Flash” Ezra Miller – and fans are already demanding a replacement

Warner Bros.

Just over a week ago, Ezra Miller caused a negative sensation in a bar, not for the first time. Miller was arrested on March 28, 2022 after an altercation with a man and woman at a Hawaii diner and then released on bail. The couple subsequently successfully issued a restraining order against Miller. The couple allege that following the original incident and his release, Miller broke into her bedroom and threatened her. At Studio Warner, these new allegations are probably causing a huge headache – after all, Miller is at the center of the DC universe and a very important blockbuster.

Recently postponed from November 2022 to June 22, 2023, The Flash is one of the studio’s most important superhero films. Due to its multiverse approach, appearances of multiple versions of Batman (Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are confirmed) and possible surprise cameos, the project is often described as “DC ‘s ‘No Way Home’ “.

Because the first test screenings are said to have gone very well, some of those responsible should hope that a similar box office mega hit will be on the line. There are also reports that Ezra Miller is so good in the film that the plan was to put Miller even more at the center of the DC Universe. But there is a reason that we choose the past tense here.

After an emergency meeting: no more films with Ezra Miller for the time being?

According to Rolling Stone , on March 30 there was an “emergency meeting” between executives at Warner and DC. It was unanimously decided to pause all projects with Ezra Miller for the time being. This also applies to all planned appearances in other films in the DC universe.

Update note: IGN magazine is now reporting that no such meeting took place, according to a source inside the studio. Rolling Stone sticks to its story. The reporting reporter Tatiana Siegel is actually known to be very well informed.

At least Warner should be relieved that the current schedule gives the studio room to postpone a final decision. According to Rolling Stone , the plans are currently only on hold, so they are not yet buried. The studio will have an opportunity to see how The Flash performs at the box office and public opinion about the star before making a final decision on Miller’s future in the DC Universe.

Even with “Fantastic Beasts 3” Miller was on the brink

But it is not the first time that Warner has been confronted with the question of whether to fire Miller: When video footage of Miller’s attack on a woman outside a bar in Iceland surfaced in April 2020, the studio was probably already debating Millers Future.

The debate boiled up again in November 2020. After a court ruled that Johnny Depp could be called a “wife beater” by a tabloid, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was replaced for Fantastic Beasts 3 . At the time, several fans demanded that Miller consequently also have to go.

Warner didn’t respond to these demands at the time – possibly because it would have automatically meant firing Miller from “The Flash” as well. After all, it wouldn’t have been arguable at all to kick Miller out of one production and leave him in another. Miller can also be seen in “Fantastic Beasts 3” from April 7, 2022 – albeit in a rather small role (possibly also due to the circumstances).

Fans are already demanding Grant Gustin as cinema flash

Meanwhile, some DC fans see the new developments as an opportunity to promote a completely different Flash actor again. For a while there has been a demand that Grant Gustin , the lead actor in the TV series The Flash , should also play this role in the cinema.

For days now and since the incident became known, there have been numerous postings on social media that take up this old demand. Incidentally, rumors have persisted that an appearance by Gustin is one of the many surprise cameos in the upcoming theatrical film – after Miller had a cameo in the TV series some time ago.


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