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After five stints as what is probably the world’s most famous movie character, 53-year-old Daniel Craig is the highest-paid actor alive right now by salary comparison. According to Variety , he received $100 million from Netflix for the two sequels to the crime hit ” Knives Out ” – which has to do with the streaming giant’s generosity and with Craig’s market value, which is enormously influenced by his role as James Bond in 2006 benefited. But nobody can say that Craig didn’t suffer for this role.

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Daniel Craig’s much-quoted – and regretted – statement after “ Spectre ” that he would rather slit his wrists than play James Bond again is legendary. The reason for Craig’s exhaustion was the injuries he sustained while shooting the “Bond” films. His worst injury came on the set of Spectre, when he got into a train fight with co-star Dave Bautista (“Marvels’ Guardians Of The Galaxy”) and badly injured his knee. But Craig also dealt at the expense of Bautista’s nose.

Broke the nose of an ex-wrestler – and then cut it off

On The Graham Norton Show , where Craig and his No Time To Die co-stars did a promotional appearance, the actor shared a hilarious anecdote from filming Spectre. According to him, he accidentally broke ex-wrestler Dave Bautista’s nose during the fight scene and then ran off straight away: ” I thought he was going to follow me, but he was so nice. Bautista then repositioned the nose so production could continue without interruption. “He’s a lot tougher than me, I have to give him that,” said Craig.

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As is usually the case when actors tell funny anecdotes, you shouldn’t take every word super seriously. It’s best if you watch the segment from The Graham Norton Show in its entirety , if you understand English – then the whole thing is much funnier than if we just describe it here in the article:

Daniel Craig earned his agent retirement well after his last James Bond appearance in No Time To Die. However, Daniel Craig did not survive his final 007 film without injury: he broke his ankle.

The following video shows other examples where things got really dangerous on set:

Actors who almost died on set! (FILMSTARTS Original)
Actors who almost died on set! (FILMSTARTS Original)


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