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“The Untouchables”, “Dances With Wolves”, “JFK”: Of course, superstar Kevin Costner ‘s career peaked at the beginning of the 90s. More hits followed with “Bodyguard” and “Robin Hood” – but after the commercial disappointment “Waterworld” and the much-criticized end-of-time drama “Postman”, the heyday of the two-time Oscar winner was suddenly over.

Costner was considered a box office poison – and it took quite a while for his career to regain momentum away from the big spotlight. Costner still made good, if less well-regarded, films: One of them was the dark psychological thriller Mr. Brooks in 2007 , in which he directed Bruce A. Evans ( Stand by Me). ‘) plays a cold-blooded serial killer – and in which Costner meets an actress whose career has been very similar.

We’re talking about Demi Moore , who also celebrated her greatest successes in the early 90s with box office hits like “Ghost – Message from Sam”, “A Matter of Honor” or “Revelation” before signing up for the box office flop ” Striptease” had her breasts operated on and after winning the Golden Raspberry she disappeared into oblivion for a long time. In “Mr. Brooks” plays the ex-wife of Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, an FBI agent – and thus the antagonist of the man the film is all about.

You can watch the film at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime Video subscription – but only up to and including March 30!

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At first glance, Earl Brooks ( Kevin Costner ) doesn’t seem to be able to muddy the waters: the boss of a successful cardboard box company appears to be an impeccable businessman and family man who doesn’t even lose his composure when his daughter Jane ( Danielle Panabaker ) admits to him that she dropped out of expensive elite college and let a married man get her pregnant.

But appearances are deceptive: when night falls, Brooks sneaks out of the house and kills complete strangers. Since he has no motive and has no recognizable connection to his victims, the police department around Detective Tracy Atwood ( Demi Moore ) is groping in the dark. The press dubbed Brooks the “thumbprint killer”: the killer left bloody fingerprints of his victims at the crime scene, but otherwise no traces.

That changes when Brooks makes a mistake one night: a voyeur who calls himself “Mr. Smith” ( Dane Cook ), Brooks in the process of shooting a couple in cold blood during sex. Bafford photographs him and blackmails him with the pictures. But he doesn’t ask for money – he demands from Brooks that he takes him to his next murder and initiates him into his tricks…


What “Mr. Brooks” from many other serial killer thrillers is not least the perspective: As viewers, we don’t accompany the cops in the investigation, but the murderer in his deeds. The stage belongs to Costner and rarely to Moore. While in mega hits like David Fincher’s masterpiece “Sieben”, but also in third-rate Scandinavian thrillers, enigmatic rituals are often interpreted or messages left at the crime scene and pieces of the puzzle have to be put together by the investigators, there is no puzzling here.

The driving force of the film is rather the question of whether Earl Brooks can conquer his inner demon or will one day be caught – and whether he will meet the impatient “Mr. Smith” actually trains him to be the skilled killer he would like to be. There’s tremendous potential for discovery: while Brooks meticulously prepares for the murder, leaving every crime scene clinically clean and giving the police no leads, Smith can’t wait to pull the trigger and kill the next person who comes along.

And there’s another script gimmick, the “Mr. Brooks” into a special psychological thriller: While the filmmakers in Hollywood hits like David Fincher’s “Fight Club” or Ron Howard’s Oscar-winning “A Beautiful Mind – Genie und Wahnsinn” use the non-existence of a supposedly real person for grandiose twists, is Brooks’ alter ego Marshall ( William Hurt ), who goads him to murder, always recognizable as evil thoughts incarnate. The two talk as if Marshall actually existed – but in these moments the other dialogues and the plot stop.

concorde William Hurt and Kevin Costner in Mr. Brooks”

This is incredibly useful for the character drawing: if it is often difficult for us as viewers to fathom the inner life of a psychopath, we are allowed to participate in detail in his split personality here – and we quickly understand that Earl Brooks is far from the bloodthirsty sex offender for we like to hold him at first. Our sympathies fly to him. Costner and Hurt harmonize beautifully in their sequences and at the same time provide the few laughs that the script allows here and there.


“Mr. Brooks” is 121 minutes long, but on the way to the bloody finale, hardly any lengths creep into the action. However, some subplots of the plot lack depth: Detective Atwood’s costly divorce process, for example, should leave many viewers cold, while we would have liked to know more about Earl Brooks’ remarkably clueless wife Emma (Marg Helgenberger).

The relationship between Earl and his busy daughter Jane is attractively arranged, which after a good hour reorients the events – and at the same time prepares the ground for a dramatic final point, which of course will not be revealed here.

Mr. Brooks - The Killer in You Trailer DF
Mr. Brooks – The Killer in You Trailer DF



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