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It’s not as if there wasn’t a warning: When «Transformers» director Michael Bay announces that he will adapt the true crime story about three bodybuilders as a small, intimate film, two things are clear from the outset: Hollywood’s chief detonator doesn’t make films, who would pass for small by any standards other than Bay’s own – and above all, he doesn’t make films without slow motion, waving USA flags and regular table humor, which is unfortunately particularly problematic in the story of » Pain & Gain «.

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Michael Bay’s true-life grotesque Pain & Gain, starring Dwayne Johnson and Uncharted star Mark Wahlberg , is available by subscription to Amazon Prime Video . The director behind «Bad Boys», «Armageddon» and the «Transformers» films tried his hand here for the first time at a film that has nothing to do with shooting heroes and destruction on a global scale, but without forsaking his typical style.

May contain traces of satire

Bay features three bodybuilders who are as stupid as they are ruthless and a kidnapping that has gone terribly wrong. He sets up «Pain & Gain» as a satire on the American dream of upward mobility and on hedonistic physical culture, only that his staging prevents any real bite: «Pain & Gain» also has the typical, shiny advertising video aesthetic of sunny panoramas, lavish slow motion and American flags that Michael Bay is known for.

Our review of «Pain And Gain»

While their actions may unequivocally brand Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg), Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson) and Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) as muscle-bound jerks, they are loved and admired by Michael Bay’s camera as if they were American heroes.

Mark Wahlberg convinces

The fact that our chief critic Christoph Petersen still liked «Pain & Gain» is not least due to Mark Wahlberg (currently appearing on the big screen in the cinema hit » Uncharted «). The 2.5-star review says about him: «Mark Wahlberg is hardly less convincing than Dwanye Johnson. After «The Somewhat Different Cops» and «Ted», it’s becoming increasingly clear that he particularly likes dry, black humor lies well.»

Pain & Gain Trailer (3) OV
Pain & Gain Trailer (3) OV


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