«Nova» Long-awaited superhero is finally part of the MCU — in a new project from the «Moon Knight» maker

Marvel Comics

The MCU has now arrived in phase 4 and continues to grow. Another new project from the Marvel universe monitored by Kevin Feige has now been confirmed — and many fans have been waiting for this for a long time: the superhero Nova gets his own MCU appearance, but whether it will be in the form of a movie or a series on Disney + is still to be seen not known.

The information is still sparse when it comes to the personal details of the project. In addition to producer Kevin Feige, only Sabir Pirzada has been confirmed so far. The screenwriter most recently co-wrote the MCU series Moon Knight .

This is Nova in the Marvel Comics

Nova first appeared in a comic in 1976 under the name Richard Rider. He became a superhero when one day Rhomann Dey, the last survivor of the so-called Nova Corps from planet Xandar, crashed on Earth. The victim chose the 17-year-old Rider as the new guardian of his superpowers and gave him these along with his Nova uniform.

The story is very reminiscent of DC’s «Green Lantern». Because like the Green Lantern Corps, the Nova Corps is also a kind of intergalactic superhero police force. And like «Green Lantern» Hal Jordan, Richard Rider gets his powers from a dying alien to become part of said task force.

However, in terms of the main character’s personal development, Nova is more like Spider-Man. Richard Rider, too, is a working-class youth suddenly bestowed with great power, with great responsibility.

Marvel Comics Nova in the Marvel Comics

According to Deadline , it looks like Richard Rider will become the MCU Nova, but it’s not entirely clear from their wording if this is speculation or if this information is also from a reliable source.

Since 2011 there has been a new comic nova called Samuel Alexander, which could also be considered for the MCU. Sam’s father is a secret member of the Nova Corps. Only when he suddenly disappears and Rocket Raccoon and Gamora explain his identity to him does he put on his father’s costume and become a hero himself.

What superpowers does Nova have?

The usual: including tremendous strength, speed and endurance, the ability to fly, the power to absorb energy and release it at will. So relatively similar to Captain Marvel. The Nova armor also allows you to survive in space and other extreme environments. The helmet also has binoculars, thermal imaging and night vision functions. So Nova is very powerful, versatile and resilient.

In the comics he also had some fights with the Skrulls. So maybe his appearance could already be prepared in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion or in Captain Marvel 2: The Marvels , where the Skrulls play a big role.

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