Noticed in «Moon Knight» Episode 3? There is a third personality besides Steven &amp Marc — Series News

There were already indications of this in the first two episodes “ Moon Knight ”, in episode 3 it is now finally clear: In addition to the reserved Steven Grant and the tough Marc Spector, there is a third personality with whom the two share a body – just like in the comics. Oscar Isaac confirmed this in an interview . He may also play more than two characters, Isaac explained in Spanish with a wink:

Oscar Isaac teasing spoilers in Spanish is hilarious lmao

Can’t snipe what you can’t understand

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In fact, in the comics, Moon Knight has three «civilian» personalities: Marc Spector , the original character, is a mercenary, Steven Grant , a successful businessman, and Jake Lockley , a taxi driver with good connections to the underworld. So it seems like we’re going to see another Jake Lockley in Moon Knight — only he’ll probably be very different from the Jake in the comics.

Jake Lockley: The evil personality?

The previous references to Jake Lockley promise namely a fairly brutal, merciless and not particularly sympathetic character. Jake is the one who kills the one Egyptian gangster in Moon Knight Episode 3 , as Marc and Steven both affirm it wasn’t them — and the episode offers no reason to doubt their words.

From that point of view, it’s also very possible that we even caught a glimpse of Jake: was he the one who trashed the hotel room at the end of episode 2 while drunk? That suits neither the mild-mannered Steven nor the professional mercenary Marc.

2022 Disney and its affiliates. This scene from the «Moon Knight» credits also points to a third personality.

And Jake was probably also the one who arranged the date with Steven’s colleague Dylan ( Saffron Hocking ) in episode 1. So he seems to be quite a womanizer. It wasn’t Steven and Marc almost certainly wasn’t either, after all he wants to divorce Layla ( May Calamawy ) because he doesn’t want to drag anyone into his broken life.

Jake may even be the evil side of good-natured Steven, not Marc. So while Steven is the best and most exemplary aspect of the three personalities, Marc, who wants to do good but also resorts to brutality if necessary, would be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and Jake would be something of a bad personality.

But that’s still pure speculation. However, after episode 3 we are very sure that we will still meet Jake Lockley in the remaining three episodes. YouTube moderator Sebastian also addresses this possibility in the video embedded above, but also deals with the rest of Episode 3.

The Egyptian Gods & Anton Mogart (Gaspard Ulliel) Explained

For example, he explains the Egyptian gods Hathor, Horus, Isis, Tefnut and Osiris, whose avatars appear in the episode, and their origin, the so-called Overvoid.

In addition, Sebastian addresses Anton Mogart ( Gaspard Ulliel ), who in the comics is a master thief and villain named Midnight Man, but here (for now?) just a rich crime boss and antiques collector. There’s a good chance we’ll see Mogart again in the remaining episodes. However, Gaspard Ulliel will no longer play the character after «Moon Knight» because the French actor died in January 2022 as a result of a skiing accident.

«I love it»: Marvel star Oscar Isaac on «Moon Knight» and his future in the MCU



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