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The Borg are undoubtedly one of the most feared threats in the Star Trek universe. The stoic cyborgs, who share a collective consciousness, pursue only one goal on the way to perfection: to assimilate other living beings into their collective.

A few years after their first and repeated appearance in Starship Enterprise: The Next Century (aka Star Trek: The Next Generation), the Borg mythology became a pivotal one in the Next Generation motion picture Star Trek: First Contact Added element to confront Captain Jean-Luc Picard ( Patrick Stewart ) and company with a real antagonist and not just a faceless antagonist crowd: the Borg Queen.

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An individual leader who controls the fate of the Borg relativized the previously established collective idea of ​​cybernetic beings to a certain extent, but the Borg queen blossomed into a popular «Star Trek» villain, who later mainly played in » Star Trek: Voyager » played a major role. And more than 20 years after the end of «Voyager» she is now making her comeback in » Star Trek: Picard » — with a slightly different look. This is partly due to a subtle redesign that makes her look even more sinister, but also because of the new actress who is hiding under the Borg make-up:

After Alice Krige and Susanna Thompson, series star Annie Wersching now plays the Borg Queen in «Star Trek: Picard» .

This is Annie Wersching

For Annie Wersching, her participation in «Star Trek: Picard» comes full circle in a way, since her very first TV role was also a part in a «Star Trek» series: In an episode of » Star Trek: Enterprise » In 2002 she played Liana who was stranded with her father on a deserted planet.

But in the years that followed, Wersching drew attention to himself, especially with series engagements. Apart from numerous guest appearances in individual episodes, she had her first major continuous role in 80 episodes of the cult hospital soap «General Hospital». This was followed shortly thereafter by a starring role as FBI agent Renee Walker in the seventh and eighth seasons of the hit thriller » 24. «

Justin Lubin/NBC Annie Wersching without Borg getup in «Timeless»

She also left a lasting impression as the vampire mother of the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries and with recurring parts in Amazon ‘s Bosch and the short-lived sci-fi series Timeless . Video game fans may also recognize her voice from the post-apocalyptic masterpiece The Last Of Us, in which she voiced Joel’s smuggling girlfriend, Tess.

New or old Borg Queen?

Incidentally, in the official «Star Trek» canon it is not clearly clarified whether the repeatedly appearing Borg queen is always exactly the same queen (or a clone or just a new form of her) or a completely different leader . Things still seemed relatively clear when she got a new actress in her first appearances in «Voyager» with Susanna Thompson , after all, the Borg queen played by Alice Krige in «Star Trek: First Contact» had previously quite clearly dated blessed. However, confusion was caused by the fact that in the «Voyager» finale, Krige was suddenly seen as the Borg leader again, without it really being discussed.

It is unclear whether we are dealing with the same Borg queen in «Star Trek: Picard», despite the cast change, who has already made life difficult for the eponymous Starfleet veteran — but ultimately it is actually irrelevant. Since the Borg collectively share all of their accumulated knowledge anyway, any potential new Borg queen would also have the knowledge of her predecessor. So her knowledge of Picard (whom she calls Locutus by his Borg name), Seven ( Jeri Ryan ) and their Borg past (even across the alternate timelines) isn’t a definitive indication that we’re here really see the familiar queen.

In addition, a new actress may not have been cast without reason, after all, the same actors have usually been brought back for other character comebacks from the «Star Trek» world, even if it is, for example , with android expert Bruce Maddox and the Brunali Young Icheb already gave counterexamples in Season 1. The death of the old Borg queen, on the other hand, is not a compelling argument against her appearance, given that we are dealing with an alternate timeline created by Q’s cast, in which the queen may have survived.

Maybe the eight other episodes of the second «Picard» season will bring a little more light into the Borg darkness. In Germany, the new episodes always appear on Friday mornings on Amazon Prime Video .

Star Trek: Picard - Season 2 Trailer DF
Star Trek: Picard — Season 2 Trailer DF



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