New on Netflix Brilliant Time Travel Madness is finally getting a new season after a 3-year wait! — Series News


Season 1 of » Matryoshka » has won three Emmys, a sensational Rotten Tomatoes score of 97 percent (which means that 97 percent of all reviews evaluated are positive) and also has a very decent IMDb rating of 7.8. Our colleagues from Moviepilot even voted the black humorous time travel fun in their top 100 best series of the 2010s . However, no sequel was released for three years. Now that’s changing: Today, April 20th, «Matryoshka» season 2 starts on Netflix .

This is «Matryoshka»

«Matryoshka» is about the cynical Nadia ( Natasha Lyonne ) in her mid-thirties, who celebrates her birthday in New York City, dies and then wakes up again — again and again. The Russian-born software developer is caught in a time warp and, similar to the horror film «Happy Deathday», she constantly dies in different ways at the end of the day.

She managed to break out of the time warp at the end of Season 1, but the spook is far from over. The cryptic Season 2 trailer already makes it clear that time travel will return — and that «something worse than death» awaits Nadia:

Matryoshka - Season 2 Trailer OmdU
Matryoshka — Season 2 Trailer OmdU



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