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Spider-Man’s legendary nemesis Foreigner is finally making his big screen debut after feuding with the Marvel hero in comics for over 25 years. In the cinema, however, he will not meet his archrival for the time being, but will measure himself against another Spidey adversary. The Foreigner is the main villain in the upcoming Marvel movie Kraven The Hunter .

Christopher Abbott , best known for George Clooney’s Catch-22 , but also for the sci-fi body horror highlight Possessor and the first season of the Netflix series The Sinner , slips into the role ‘ was seen.

The Jokers Now play a Marvel villain: Christopher Abbott (here in “Possessor”).

Christopher Abbott is expanding a top-class cast. Of course, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is already on board “Kraven The Hunter” , who plays his second major Marvel role after Quicksilver as the titular (anti-)hero Kraven. We’ll also see Ariana DeBose , Russell Crowe , Fred Hechinger , and Alessandro Nivola , who is also set to play a (but unreleased) villain character, among others.

This is “Spider-Man” villain Foreigner

The Foreigner is one of Spider-Man’s great comic book rivals. He is a perfectly trained fighting machine that is virtually invincible with his martial arts skills in hand-to-hand combat. Since the Foreigner is also a master of disguise, the killer can approach his victims undetected – and always disappear.

He also has a special ability that helps him. With his piercing eyes he can hypnotize his opponent for a short moment. If he moves in those few seconds, it will appear to the other side as if he were teleporting, because under hypnosis the actual movement is not recorded.

Marvel Comics In the comics, the Foreigner mostly competes with Spider-Man.

In the comics, the Foreigner even founds his own killer club, which operates from the dark. His dream is about ending his enmity with Spider-Man and recruiting him to his club. But because he knows that this is unrealistic, he is fine with getting rid of it forever. Because he is sure that in the end only Spidey can stop his organization.

In general, Foreigner revolves a lot around Spider-Man. Because even if he has already clashed with other heroes such as Captain America or Black Panther, it is usually Spidey with whom he measures his strength. Because he’s such an important Spider-Man character and made his debut in a Spider-Man comic, he’s one of the characters Sony has chosen to use in movies like Venom , Morbius , Kraven The Hunter ” or the recently announced “ Madame Web ” without any influence from Disney.

The next “Spider-Man” spin-off: Madame Web and her connection to Spidey explained [Video]

Many fans should hope that sooner or later the Foreigner will also measure his powers with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. But despite the end credits scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home , it’s still unclear when a closer connection between Sony’s films and the core MCU will occur and such clashes are possible. Maybe Morbius will tell us a little more when the Marvel adventure starring Jared Leto and Spider-Man: Homecoming villain Michael Keaton hits theaters on March 31, 2022.

Director JC Chandor’s (Triple Frontier ‘s ) Kraven The Hunter is slated to hit theaters on January 13, 2023.

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