New Marvel Superhero Troupe Confirmed Does «Doctor Strange 2» Prepare The Villain For «Black Panther 2»? — Cinema News

With Spider-Man: No Way Home hinting at the insane possibilities of the multiverse, the upcoming Marvel movie Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is likely to get even crazier. The far-reaching consequences for the entire further MCU are still difficult to foresee. But even in » Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever «, which awaits us in November 2022, the development could be reflected — and then «Doctor Strange 2» & «Black Panther 2» could be much more closely linked than one would think might suspect at first glance.

In any case, our video editor Sebastian has a lot of ideas about how the two Marvel sequels could be related and presents them to you in the video above. We have also summarized his most important thoughts in text form for you:

Does ‘Doctor Strange 2’ introduce the ‘Black Panther 2’ villain?

It has now been officially confirmed that the Illuminati will appear in «Doctor Strange 2» . If you are now wondering who the Illuminati are, then we have a separate video for you here that provides you with the detailed answer:

Doctor Strange 2: The Illuminati Explained (FILMSTARTS Original)
Doctor Strange 2: The Illuminati Explained (FILMSTARTS Original)



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