Neu auf Netflix Dieses Western-Spektakel mit Leonardo DiCaprio macht richtig viel Spaß – vom “Spider-Man”-Macher

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After almost ten years away from the big screen, cult director Sam Raimi is back this year with the MCU blockbuster Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness . The filmmaker became famous and popular through the iconic “Dance of the Devils” trilogy and the “Spider-Man” series with Tobey Maguire. In addition, Raimi’s work has other pearls to offer.

In addition to “Darkman”, “A Simple Plan” or “Drag Me To Hell”, Sam Raimi also delivered a western with “ Faster than Death ” in 1995, which has since disappeared a bit, but should definitely be rediscovered. Not only because the cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Gene Hackman and Sharon Stone is really great, but also because the leaden spectacle is really good fun. The film can now be accessed with a Netflix subscription.

That’s what Faster Than Death is about

In the tranquil prairie town of Redemption, a shooting competition is held every year, run by domineering Mayor John Herod ( Gene Hackman ), giving him the chance to come face to face with his enemies. This year duelists from all over the country compete against each other: the Swedish champion ( Sven-Ole Thorsen ), an adventurer ( Keith David ), a fake priest ( Russell Crowe ), Herod’s rebellious son ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) and a mysterious woman ( Sharon Stone ).

One of the candidates is a bounty hunter hired by the residents to win the tournament and finally hunt down the dastardly Herod. When the tyrant gets wind of the matter, the mayor suddenly takes the competition seriously and changes the rules without further ado. Now it’s life and death…

Faster Than Death Trailer OV
Faster Than Death Trailer OV


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