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In the Marvel Comics, Moon Knight is a human who has multiple personalities living within his body: Marc Spector, a mercenary and the original personality, businessman Steven Grant, cab driver Jake Lockley, consultant Mr. Knight, and superhero Moon Knight. It’s similar in the Marvel series ” Moon Knight “, but there are some crucial differences, as becomes clear in episode 2 at the latest.

For example, there are only two personalities so far: the reserved Steven Grant and the tough Marc Spector (both played by Oscar Isaac ) – and both aspects of the character can each transform into a different superhero. Marc becomes the mummified, cloaked and hooded Moon Knight, and Steven becomes Mr. Knight, clad in a white suit and mask.

Marc = Moon Knight, Steven = Mr Knight

In the comics, on the other hand, Mr. Knight is a facet of Moon Knight, as described at the beginning, an aspect of the character that is used in certain situations. In an interview with the film magazine Collider , director Mohamed Diab explained how this distinction between Steven and Marc and this difference to the comics came about:

“Originally, ironically, we had Steven as Moon Knight and Marc as Mr. Knight , but that’s one of the benefits of taking the time and thinking things through,” Diab says.

“The logic behind this should be that each of them inspires their own suit. The suit is inspired by your personality, by your preferences, by your idea of ​​a suit. That’s why Steven, who has nothing to do with this whole superhero world, actually summons a suit when you tell him to. It’s almost an Armani suit. “

» “Moon Knight” on Disney+ *

You can find out more about this in the video above, in which Marvel expert and FILMSTARTS YouTube presenter Sebastian also addresses the following topics:

Who is Khonshu?

Khonshu already appeared in episode 1, but in episode 2 we learn a lot more about the Egyptian moon god: We now know, for example, that villain Arthur Harrow ( Ethan Hawke ) was his previous avatar and that he next considered Layla for this position Has.

In the video, Sebastian explains how Moon Knight could even be related to the Marvel villains Kang the Conqueror ( Jonathan Majors in the upcoming ” Ant-Man 3 “) and Apocalypse (played by Oscar Isaac in ” X-Men: Apocalypse “!).

Layla = Marlene Alraune

In the Marvel Comics, Moon Knight’s wife and co-star goes by the name of Marlene Alraune, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the new character, Layla El-Faouly ( May Calamawy ), has a different name but is otherwise based on the comic book template based.

Not only are she and Marc married, she also knows the secret of his superpowers and, like Marlene in the comics, is likely to be connected to the Moon Knight origin story, which has only been outlined in outline so far.

Crawley, the golden statue

A living statue was also seen in episode 1, i.e. a street artist painted gold. The credits revealed that this character, played by Shaun Scott , goes by the name of Crawley – a name that naturally catches the eye of Moon Knight fans, given that it’s also the name of one of Moon Knight’s informants from the comics.

It remains to be seen whether this is just an Easter egg or whether Crawley will get a bigger role…

What about Marc’s/Steven’s mother?

Because Steven keeps sending messages to his mother’s mailbox, but doesn’t call her back, Marvel fans are spinning the wildest theories. Episode 2 now confirms through Layla that Marc’s mother really exists (Marcs, not Stevens, after all the body actually belongs to him).

And the simple explanation for the unanswered calls is probably simple: Mrs. Spector wonders why someone named Steven keeps chattering into her mailbox (and the original with a British accent).

Moon Knight Episode 3 will be released on Disney+ on April 13, 2022 .

“I love it”: Marvel star Oscar Isaac on “Moon Knight” and his future in the MCU

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