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It took around 50 years for Dr. Michael Morbius has made it to the big screen since his first comic appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #101 with Morbius in 2022. Since the early 2000s, however, there has been talk of bringing the Marvel vampire to cinemas. The starting point was the collaboration between Marvel and Artisan Entertainment, who wanted to film adapt fifteen Marvel titles. However, this deal never bore fruit.

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But even before that plan, Morbius would get his screen debut in 1998 at the end of » Blade ,» starring Wesley Snipes. A corresponding scene was even filmed, but ultimately did not make it into the finished film, but later found its way onto the Internet (you can find the clip below). Here’s how the removed Morbius moment from «Blade» plays out:

After Blade wins the fight against Deacon Frost ( Stephen Dorff ), the vampire hunter meets up with Karen ( N’Bushe Wright ) on a rooftop. Karen, having cured herself of the vampire infection, also offers half-vampire Blade to cure him. He refuses and instead suggests that she develop an even stronger serum against his blood thirst, as he still needs his extraordinary abilities to hunt vampires. After that, the final version of the film moves to Moscow, where Blade shreds some Russian vampires.

Who will win the Morbius vs Venom fight? Jared Leto gives us the definitive answer

Originally, however, the conversation on the roof between Blade and Karen was intended to be a little longer. After Blade explains that he still needs his powers for his job, Karen dryly replies «You’re On The Clock» (in German about «Your (working) time is running»), pointing Blade to a dark figure nearby located building, which observes the conversation of the two. This is none other than Morbius! Although this is difficult to tell from the figure itself, screenwriter David S. Goyer later confirmed this in a DVD commentary.

You can watch the scene (in pretty horrific quality) here:

A first MCU with Blade and Morbius

Had the scene been chosen to remain in the film, Blade would have anticipated the obligatory sequel setup the MCU is now known for: teasing a character with future (and maybe even future) relevance could get their own film). So it could have been a quasi pre-release version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that would not be associated with Iron Man and Co., but was primarily aimed at an adult audience , just like «Blade» did, the was on the index for many years, but has now been given an FSK 18 rating.

Marvel Confusion: Is Morbius Set In The MCU Or Not?

David Goyer also answered why nothing came of the plans in the DVD bonus material. The appearance of Morbius was intended to initiate a sequel in which Blade meets the Living Vampire , who was supposed to be the main antagonist in Blade II . That was the brainchild of Goyer and director Stephen Norrington (fun fact: Norrington himself played Morbius in the deleted «Blade» miniscene). However, when Norrington left the project and Guillermo Del Toro took over, that approach was jettisoned as Del Toro wanted to do his own thing. With success, because «Blade II» is considered by many fans to be the highlight of the trilogy.

«Morbius» in the podcast

If you’re still wondering whether you should watch «Moribus» in the cinema, the appropriate screen love edition of the FILMSTARTS podcast will give you a clear answer. Sebastian, Markus and Tobias hardly leave a good hair on the Marvel blockbuster. But listen for yourself:

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