“Moon Knight” The WTF end of episode 4 explained – series news

Superheroes, Egyptian gods, even a person with multiple personalities: All of this is familiar from Hollywood films and series, albeit rarely in such a concentrated form as in ” Moon Knight “. But in the finale of episode 4, the series suddenly takes a pretty surprising turn:

After Marc/Steven (Oscar Isaac) is shot by villain Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and falls into a pool of water, we end up in a psychiatric institution via a fictional archeology series (from which the name Steven Grant comes) – and on Finally, a walking hippopotamus appears!

An absurd moment that also surprised our YouTube editor Sebastian, as he explains in the video above. He also goes into the comic template from which the madhouse setting was taken and puts forward a theory as to how “Moon Knight” could make a connection with ” Thor 4 “.

Taweret: The hippopotamus explained in “Moon Knight”.

Let’s start at the very end: The hippopotamus that Marc and Steven (more on that later) meet here is the Egyptian goddess Taweret, who is responsible for fertility, childbirth and pregnant women in mythology and is depicted as a humanoid hippopotamus. Taweret is played by Antonia Salib in Moon Knight , as confirmed in the Episode 4 credits.

Why Marc and Steven meet Taweret here of all places is more of a mystery. Maybe the two of them are in some kind of afterlife or a preliminary stage of it? In Egyptian mythology, Taweret is also associated in part with death and the afterlife, with the cleansing of sins and the facilitation of faster rebirth.

Disney+ Taweret in “Moon Knight”

Or maybe Taweret’s appearance is also related to Ammit, whose avatar is villain Arthur Harrow. In Egyptian mythology, Taweret and Ammit not only have both hippopotamus, crocodile and big cat body parts, they are also, so to speak, the other sides of the same coin:

While Ammit eats the hearts of sinners, making entry into the afterlife impossible, Taweret helps make it easier. In the MCU, however, Ammit is portrayed a little differently, because she wants to prevent sin from being committed in the first place by killing all people with evil intentions. Therefore, Taweret’s role could be a little different.

Marc meets Steven

In any case, what is certain is that at the end of “Moon Knight” Episode 4 we are no longer in the real world, but somewhere else – be it in another dimension or a delusion of the dying Marc. You can tell by the fact that Steven and Marc, who previously could only talk to each other through mirrors, actually meet here.

For this purpose, those responsible for “Moon Knight” around creator and chief author Jeremy Slater are apparently based on Jeff Lemire’s “Moon Knight” comics from 2016, where Marc Spector also finds himself in an institution and it is not clear what is real and what what imagination is.

» The “Moon Knight” comics by Jeff Lemire at Amazon *

Incidentally, in the course of this comic series, Marc comes to terms with his different personalities – will there perhaps also be a reconciliation and discussion between Steven and Marc in “Moon Knight”?

Moon Knight’s Origin Story in Episode 5

In any case, one thing is clear: Steven/Marc should be able to find their way back into the real world in episode 5 or episode 6 at the latest, after all, Ammit and Harrow still have to be stopped there. But before that, there is more to learn.

In the interview , Oscar Isaac told us that episode 5 will explore where the trauma that led to the personality splitting into Marc and Steven ( and a third character ) came from . We should know what happened and how we got to this point.

“I love it”: Marvel star Oscar Isaac on “Moon Knight” and his future in the MCU

For this we will probably also take a look at Marc Spector’s childhood: Rey Lucas and Fernanda Andrade will play Marc’s parents Elias and Wendy Spector. Lucas and Andrade are both relatively young, so that can only happen in a flashback.

And possibly the look into the past also includes the origin story of Moon Knight , i.e. the moment in which Marc Spector was chosen by Khonshu as an avatar. In the comics, this happens after Layla’s (or Layla’s comic counterpart: Marlene Alraune) father was murdered.

Did Marc really kill Layla’s father?

However, Marlene’s father is not killed by Marc, but by another mercenary named Bushman. Then Marc is mortally injured by Bushman and saved dying by Khonshu – and it was probably similar in the MCU, at least that’s what the hints of previous episodes indicate.

In any case, we’re pretty sure: Marc didn’t kill Layla’s father, but he’s not completely innocent of his death either , after all he was there at the time and could have prevented it.

Moon Knight Episode 5 will then be released on April 27, 2022 on Disney+ .

When does Moon Knight actually play? Explaining how the new Marvel series connects to the rest of the MCU

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