I switched to Logitech as Microsoft keyboard and mouse hardware were no longer imported to my country. Cluster headaches forced retirement of Tom in , and the site was renamed “What the Tech”. Try What the Tech — It’s free! Hi Bob… I wondered about that too. Windows 10 bit only. My hard wired keyboard and mouse have no such trouble.

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Microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 v1.0 advantage of BlueTrack Technology, which combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface. My Logitech kb and mouse lose keybpard from their transceivers after about microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 v1.0 feet, so I would consider the Microsoft keyboard and mouse for my own use if it could power-up my computer with a simple double-click.

Yeah it does the same stuff but this one really is well thought out. Enhanced F keys Perform common commands from your keyboard. Spill-resistant, quiet touch keys Rely on the integrated water channels to capture liquid from accidental oeyboard, saving the quiet, responsive, thin-profile keys.

The mouse is incredibly responsive.

If you can, plug it into any other computer that can use a USB keyboard and try it without any drivers. But first, thanks for the great review. Try What the Tech — It’s free! Navigate fluidly with four-way scroll, five programmable buttons, rubber side grips and magnifier. My friend loves microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 v1.0 because he can turn his computer off from the sofa but he has to walk over to the computer to turn it on.


Microsoft Wireless Keyboard v – General Hardware

Witch one gave more support to the wrists and lower arms? My daughter keybpard the mouse with water and later that died. Since the USB dongle is a bit fragile is there anything negative about simply taking out the batteries microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 v1.0 the mouse everyday once you power down the PC, to force the mouse to shut off and not consume the battery power and its life?

I love how the keyboard feels, but unfortunately it occasionally becomes unresponsive, as if the signal was disconnected. The MS software makes it very easy to change settings on both mouse and keyboard — important to get the sensitivity on the mouse correct.

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I received keybiard actually for both keyboard and mouse saying that the driver could not be keyboarrd. Just liked this bundle on first sight without reading any review and Loved it. Thanks for your suggestions. Personally i just got this key board and wasnt sure of the batterylife. The keyboard does not have any indicator LEDs for the state of the various lock keys ie, NumLock, Caps, Scrl… which makes sense for a battery powered keyboard.

Could you possibly re-work your answer? If nothing odd happens, download and install the latest leyboard pro software from Microsoft: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 v1.0. I tend to research potential purchases to death to avoid returns.


See the limited warranty and licence agreement. Plug and play microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 v1.0 Move around freely with less clutter and a confident wireless connection. Aside from the small and almost-impossible-to-read Fn key labels, I like the travel and tactile feedback of this keyboard.

Sign up using Email and Password. Community Forum Software by IP. I really love this desktop set, however I have found that the Microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 v1.0 dongle is not very robust… I have now destroyed 2 of them — one was fried when I plugged something in to the adjacent USB slot, and another time to an inadvertent ESD zap.

Try contacting Microsoft, but the set is sold pre-paired, and there is no way to partner a device with a new receiver. I play FPS games occasionally and keyboard lag is a total no-no for me.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 V1.0 1066 and Receiver 3.1a 1028 Mouse 1008

Can you program the USB mouse to cold boot or to power-on the computer? Hot keys Gain one-touch access to Windows Media Player, email, home, calculator, My Documents, zoom, instant messaging and photos. There are noticeable lags in many things I do.