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As a fantasy adventure for young and old that relies equally on heart and spectacle, Shawn Levy («Free Guy») with » The Adam Project » is obviously trying to follow in the footsteps of films like Steven Spielberg’s «ET — The Extra-Terrestrial». . He only succeeds to a limited extent – ​​in the official FILMSTARTS review there were only 2.5 out of 5 possible stars for the latest Netflix hit. But even those who don’t like the generic plot potpourri should at least be happy with the many, many allusions with which «The Adam Project» bows to various cult classics.

While some clues are obvious to genre fans, others are pretty well hidden. In this article, we want to offer you a small best-of, so to speak, and we do not claim to be complete. Because we are sure: If you watch «The Adam Project» again and again, you will probably find many more Easter eggs…

The full load of «Star Wars»

If you can hardly wait to dive into the galaxy far, far away after “ The Book of Boba Fett ”, you still have to be patient. However, «The Adam Project» does pretty much everything to serve as a worthy replacement program. Because the «Star Wars» saga is alluded to in many ways.

On the one hand, Ryan Reynolds ‘ adult Adam fights the henchmen of the nasty Maya Sorian ( Catherine Keener ) with a lightsaber – even if the question of whether it really is one is initially denied. And on the other hand, the young Adam ( Walker Scobell ) uses terms from the «Star Wars» universe as code names in the course of their joint mission, calling his older self «Red Leader». That title appropriately belongs to the leader of the Red Squadron.

Doane Gregory/Netflix Ryan Reynolds and his lightsaber

In addition, entire sequences of scenes are reminiscent of «Star Wars» — above all, of course, the chase through the forest, which played out pretty much the same way in » The Empire Strikes Back » on Endor.

«Back to the Future»: Biff & Co.

If a time travel film is supposed to be full of references, then of course one or the other dig at “ Back to the Future ” should not be missing. And indeed, there are several hidden in «The Adam Project».

On the more obvious side, there’s adult Adam’s jokingly mentioned plan to use time travel to make some «investments for the future» — a clear nod to «Back to the Future» antagonist Biff Tannen ( Thomas F. Wilson ) . , who scammed such a life in the lap of luxury.

The FILMSTARTS review of «The Adam Project»

But have you also noticed that the Adams are staying at the Pine Ridge Motel as part of their trip? That detail is illustrated so large in the film that we’re confident it’s a clear reference to Twin Pines Ranch, which eventually becomes (or eventually becomes) Twin Pines Mall in Back to the Future even the Lone Pine Mall).

Netflix Marty McFly might as well be sitting at this table…
Marvel as far as the eye can see

It was already known in advance that «The Adam Project» would also come with an extra portion of Marvel power. After all, in addition to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, Hulk mime Mark Ruffalo also appears as his father, Jennifer Garner («Elektra») as his mother and Zoe Saldana («Guardians Of The Galaxy») as his wife.

Apart from that, there are also a few more details from the superhero universe in the sci-fi adventure: For example, young Adam makes a «superhero landing» when adult Adam fights his archenemy Christos ( Alex Mallari Jr . ) threatens to lose out. Similar to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, he does not refrain from saying «superhero landing» out loud in a self-deprecating manner.

Noticed? The funniest moment in Netflix’s ‘The Adam Project’ belongs to Nicolas Cage!

And towards the end, when the two Adams and their father go outside again to play and take equipment out of a sticker-covered box, there are probably also stickers of the Hulk and Deadpool to see — those hero roles, that Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds are known for.

Anyone who feels like going on an Easter egg hunt can simply take a look at Netflix since March 11th. In «The Adam Project» you can expect cross-references to sci-fi classics such as » Terminator «, » Starfight » and many, many more.



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