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Many people think of pyramids, camels and pharaohs when they think of Egypt. Hollywood is partly responsible for this. The country has been portrayed in almost the same way in films for decades, from 1963’s Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor to 1999 ‘s The Mummy starring Brandon Frasier.

The Egyptian director and screenwriter Mohamed Diab , who has dealt with his country in his films on several occasions and has staged several episodes of the new Marvel series “ Moon Knight ”, would like to change the media image of his homeland. In the series, Oscar Isaac plays a former mercenary who was given supernatural powers by the moon god Khonshu while serving in Egypt.

Egypt clichés everywhere – also in “Wonder Woman 1984”

The typical Hollywood image of Egypt bothers Mohamed Diab: “It’s always exotic – we call it Orientalism. It dehumanizes us. We’re always naked, we’re always sexy, we’re always nasty , it’s always about exaggeration,” Mohamed Diab told genre magazine SFX .

As a recent example, Diab cited the DC film Wonder Woman 1984 , in which the heroine (Gal Gadot) and her boyfriend Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) travel to Cairo, Egypt. This sequence was already criticized at the start of the film in 2020.

» “Wonder Woman 1984” at Sky Ticket *

“You never see Cairo. You always see footage from Jordan as Cairo, footage from Morocco as Cairo, sometimes footage from Spain as Cairo. This really upsets us. I remember watching ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and there was a big sequence in Egypt and that was a shame for us. There was a sheik – which doesn’t make any sense to us at all. Egypt [in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’] looked like a country from the Middle Ages. It looked like the desert. “

Wonder Woman 2 is set in the 80’s. Egypt was a republic and not a kingdom at the time, but the film features a character named Emir Said Bin Abydos ( Amr Waked ), an oil magnate and king, representing Egypt (the ruling title “Emir” was then used in this country not used).

Traditionally, Hollywood doesn’t take it too seriously when it comes to portraying foreign countries, and for decades it reproduced the same clichés (which, for example, also apply to the Eastern European region, typically portrayed as a dreary environment with many prefabricated buildings).

How Mohamed Diab wants to do better in “Moon Knight”.

“Moon Knight” starts on March 30, 2022 on Disney+ and the plot based on the comics full of gods and curses offers a good template for many Egyptian clichés. It’s possible we would have been presented with these in their pure form ten years ago, but today major media outlets like Disney are displaying greater cultural sensitivity (although there are counter-examples, see the new Mulan ).

» “Moon Knight” on Disney+ *

In “Moon Knight”, Mohamed Diab tried to combine the legendary – and thus cliché-ridden – elements of ancient Egypt with a realistic image: “It should appear as authentic as possible, within the framework of the fantastic. Even the original comics did a great job of researching and authenticating Egypt.”

Moon Knight Trailer DF
Moon Knight Trailer DF



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