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Before his meteoric rise with films like True Romane (1993), Interview with a Vampire (1994), Legends of the Wild (1994), Seven (1995) and 12 Monkeys (1995). in Hollywood, Brad Pitt built up a hitchhiking reputation that you probably shouldn’t have taken with you. After causing a lot of trouble as a young seducer in «Thelma & Louise», he finally took no more prisoners in » Kalifornia «. Last but not least, this underlines the 18 release of the hard-hitting thriller, which the FSK is still sticking to after a good 30 years.

The film celebrated its HD premiere here in 2010, was first released as a standard edition on Blu-ray and finally also in several strictly limited media books. What do all those releases have in common today? They are hardly available anymore, or if they are, then only through third-party providers. And for expensive money. Accordingly, the new edition that is now in the house is overdue: “Kalifornia” will finally be released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 13, 2022:

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The distributor, valued by collectors for its exquisite selection of films and for its collector’s editions with an outstanding price-performance ratio, is releasing the early Brad Pitt classic on DVD and as a Collector’s Edition in a media book, which includes the DVD, the Blu-ray of the film and a 24th edition -page booklet included. Also on board: various special features such as trailers and an interview with the main actor duo Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis .

This is «California»

Unsuccessful author Brian Kessler ( David Duchovny ) and his girlfriend, photographer Carrie Laughlin ( Michelle Forbes ), embark on a trip across the United States to research their book. For their confrontation with the country’s most notorious serial killers, they want to visit some of the legendary locations where the murderous activities took place.

However, since the two are short on cash and their destination California is not exactly around the corner, they use an ad to search for possible passengers who also want to go to the west coast and contribute to the gas costs. However, only the white trash couple Earley (Pitt) and Adele (Lewis) reported. But taking the two with you soon proves to be a momentous decision…

California Trailer (2) OV
California Trailer (2) OV



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