«Like a children’s birthday party with an ax murderer» «LOL» newcomer Christoph Maria Herbst on season 3 and his non-laughing tricks — series news

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Only one year after the first season of » LOL: Last One Laughing «, the comedy show that has become a mega hit has already started in round 3. Also in the ranks of comedians and entertainers, who are competing this time in the non-laughing competition, is Christoph Maria Herbst , who proved to be a tough opponent in the first two episodes.

In an interview with FILMSTARTS, the actor and comedian lets us in on his promising tricks and also tells us what an extraordinary borderline experience it was to be right in the middle of the «LOL» madness…

«A Fantastic Nightmare»

FILMSTARTS: You were at the top of the FILMSTARTS season 3 contestant wish list. And now that wish has actually come true. What drew you to join «LOL»?

Christoph Maria Herbst: The challenge. When the request for Season 3 came, I was totally flattered. I then went into myself for a moment to think: Do I want to take on this challenge, which really can’t be compared to anything I’ve done before? And that’s what I wanted, especially since there’s no double bottom. Like bungee jumping in free fall while not sure if you really have the rope tied down. I wanted to have this experience. And there was no mention of the fee, I blindly accepted.

» «LOL: Last One Laughing» Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video *

MOVIE STARTS: And how would you describe the experience now in hindsight?

Christoph Maria Herbst: It’s a big children’s birthday party where you know: the ax murderer will be there at any moment. It’s a fun, family-like, fantastical nightmare. You can really only describe it as schizoid, because afterwards you are empty and full at the same time. You are speechless and want to babble others to death. You have forgotten how to laugh and really don’t want to do anything but laugh. You’re hopelessly hyper, your head is wide awake and your body craves a mattress. It’s unbelievable.

FILM STARTS: Sounds like a borderline experience.

Christoph Maria Herbst: It really is a drug-free trip. Or ultimately it is even a drug. Any scientist would probably lick their fingers to send someone wired in there to see what’s happening in the body. How do the parameters oscillate? Adrenaline, serotonin, heartbeat. It is well known that actors playing Hamlet perform like competitive athletes at the moment of performance and lose two to three kilos. And that’s similar to «LOL». «Hamlet» without many words.

Christoph Maria Herbst in «LOL» Season 4?

FILM STARTS: Would you like to be there anyway – or because of that?

Christoph Maria Herbst: Here, too, there are conflicting forces. If I were now asked whether I would be part of «LOL 4», my spontaneous answer would not be «definitely», but also not «no way». I’ll now go back to this formulation: It was a unique experience for me — and you can take that literally or not. In any case, I can hardly understand the Anke Engelkes of this world, how they could expose themselves to the whole thing three times. She must have a very good therapist group.

Christoph Maria Herbst in an (online) conversation with FILMSTARTS editor Markus Trutt

FILM STARTS: Would you say that the «LOL» newcomers have a disadvantage compared to veterans like Anke Engelke ?

Christoph Maria Herbst: Being a veteran doesn’t really help here because every group, every dynamic is a whole new world of its own. And now the setting was completely different. You couldn’t retreat to your corners and say: Over there is the bamboo, I’ll hide there like a Krömer. This is also new for Anke, who had actually already settled in at home. And she didn’t have any inside information either. She also didn’t know what was happening and what was coming from us.

«LOL» survival strategies

FILM STARTS: Who would you still prefer for «LOL»?

Christoph Maria Herbst: Of course I have to differentiate. If I were to be there again myself, I would of course wish for something different than sitting at home in my Birkenstock slippers and simply enjoying what I see there. In the latter case I could think of a few names, Moritz Bleibtreu for example. I think it would be exciting if the public got to know a few people here who actually stand for something completely different and who could show what else they can do. And by the way, I’m so glad I wasn’t in the second season, because I would have lost my double life in 10 minutes. Max [Giermann] and Bastian [Pastewka] , that doesn’t work at all.

MOVIE STARTS: What do you actually think about during all the madness to keep control? Do you listen to the others at all?

Christoph Maria Herbst: You’re talking about something right there. You can pull the eyeball into the blur and look unfocused. And I can do that with my ears too. I can turn my ears to semi-deaf and then people who work primarily through speech rush through my head like an ICE. Like Olaf Schubert , for example, although he’s more of a slow-moving train from home. I’m not getting into a wagon, I’m just letting him talk. And when Mirco [Nonchev] did his unbelievable nonsense, for example, I didn’t look at him with a focus.

Apart from that, you can also see how I often pulled my mouth down. The mouth is actually neutral and when I have to smile, it goes up. But if I start at the bottom and have to smile, then he first goes into neutral. It was just a mathematical formula for me and apparently worked well.

LOL: Last One Laughing - Season 3 Trailer DF
LOL: Last One Laughing — Season 3 Trailer DF



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