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After many postponements, “ The Woman In The Window ” was released on the Netflix streaming service in May 2021. The psychological thriller about a woman who consumes too much alcohol and too many pills, who is convinced that she saw a murder in the neighboring apartment, fell through with the majority of the audience and the critics. With us, too, the film by “Atonement” director Joe Wright, which starred Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Jason Leigh and the “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier” stars Anthony Mackie and Wyatt Russell, only got 2 stars .

The filmmaker, whose latest work Cyrano is currently in theaters, has been very open with Vulture about his film, revealing that the version of The Woman In The Window released on Netflix has absolutely nothing to do with that film did that he originally shot. Because both in terms of content and aesthetics, the thriller was changed very significantly through reshoots and post-processing.

“The Woman In The Window”: Watered down in content

Too dark a main character: Even if Anna, played by Amy Adams , also consumes alcohol and takes pills in the current Netflix version, it probably went much further in Wright’s original version. She was “much messier and despicable in many ways.” But while there is no problem showing a man like that in a film, there is direct resistance with a female protagonist: “The audience wants women to be nice in their film. They don’t want to see them get messy and ugly and gloomy and drunk and taking pills.”

Less sex: Wirght also had to remove scenes entirely. As an example, he cites a “great scene where she [Amy Adams’ Anna] has sex with the guy downstairs [ Wyatt Russell’s David]”. For that reason alone, his version and the final film are very different. But the changes go far beyond these changes in content:

“The Woman In The Window”: Aesthetically de-radicalized

No brutal cuts: Joe Wright also describes his original vision as a “formal experiment about fucking anxiety”. He used Gapar Noé’s radically intense revenge film Misanthrope as a model, which “leaves you like a complete, nervous wreck”. He wanted to transfer some of this style to “The Woman In The Window”, with “really damn hard cuts” (original sound: “really fucking hard cuts”). The result was “brutal,” but his bosses didn’t like it.

Too aggressive music: The radical nature of the cuts continued in the music. Oscar winner Trent Reznor , who impressively scored David Fincher’s “The Social Network”, “Verblendung” and “Gone Girl”, among others, made “an unbelievable score”: He was “aggressive and hard-core” … and he was thrown out. Instead of Reznor and his partner Atticus Ross , Danny Elfman (“Spider-Man”) then made the final film music.

Who’s to blame? Netflix or Disney?

In the interview with Vulture , Joe Wright leaves open who is ultimately responsible for all the changes. As is well known, he tackled the project for Fox and shot it in 2018. The studio was then taken over by Disney, who were not very happy after the test screenings. The original theatrical release date has been pushed back. There were reshoots and revisions including a complete re-cut. After the theatrical release had to be postponed again due to Corona, Disney gave the project to Netflix.

Even if Wright doesn’t say it explicitly, we assume that Netflix only got the version that was published at the end. The whole “dilution”, as Wright always calls it in the interview, probably took place before that, when Disney was still thinking about a theatrical release and commissioned the reshoots and revisions mentioned.

By the way, he doubts that there will ever be a director’s cut, i.e. his version. It would cost a lot of money because you would have to cut everything again, do the old color correction again and mix everything again. He would like to, but have no illusions. Especially since he had to admit that his version could also fail: “Maybe it was a film that just didn’t work, and that’s okay too. We have the right to fail as artists.”

The Woman In The Window is on Netflix, Joe Wright ‘s new and befitting film Cyrano is in theaters.

The Woman In The Window Trailer DF
The Woman In The Window Trailer DF


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