Legendary drill horror celebrates a comeback trailer for the bloody slasher remake «Slumber Party Massacre»

With «Halloween», John Carpenter once unleashed a veritable flood of films in which psychopathic killers prey on teenagers and bring them to an abrupt end when they were just beginning to enjoy the pleasures of life such as sex and parties. While some of them are now considered milestones of slasher cinema (“Friday the 13th”, “Nightmare On Elm Street”), which are also known far beyond the genre boundaries, many others are only very popular in horror fan circles . Including “ The Slumber Party Massacre ” from 1982, which skilfully stood out from the slasher mishmash at the time, at least resulted in two successful sequels and is now celebrating its revival in the form of a remake.

The special thing about the series: In the world of horror and slasher films, which is well known as a male domain, all «Slumber Party Massacre» films were written and directed by women. While the female characters, in keeping with the genre, often scurry through the picture in light clothing, feminist undertones can also be heard again and again in the films.

This was once heralded by the feminist activist Rita Mae Brown , who as a screenwriter gave the first film a satirical-parodic note, which ultimately also set the route for «Slumber Party Massacre II» and «Slumber Party Massacre III». And this now seems to continue in the new interpretation: “ Slumber Party Massacre ” from 2021 was written by Suzanne Keilly (“Ash Vs. Evil Dead”), while Canadian Danishka Esterhazy , known for the Netflix series “Ginny & Georgia”, is the author Directed by.

While the above trailer for «Slumber Party Massacre» gives a foretaste of the remake, it remains to be seen when it will find its way to Germany. In addition to the legendary original, which is available unabridged in the mega-stylish media book, among other things…

» «Slumber Party Massacre» (1982) Mediabook at Amazon *

… but impatient slasher fans don’t have to wait any longer to watch the 2021 version. At Amazon you can already get the remake as a UK import for little money on DVD and Blu-ray.

» «Slumber Party Massacre» (2021) at Amazon *

That’s what «Slumber Party Massacre» is about

Four friends leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles behind for a few relaxing days in a remote cabin. Arriving in the idyll, the young women soon encounter a number of uninvited guests — and all kinds of pointed, sharp or otherwise deadly instruments. And they turn the leisurely trip into a bitter fight of life and death in no time at all…

Also present in the new «Slumber Party Massacre» are Frances Sholto-Douglas , known from Netflix’s «The Kissing Booth» trilogy, as well as Hannah Gonera and Alex McGregor , who have already starred in bloody horror productions such as «Spell» or » Blood Drive” genre experience.

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