Kann «Halo» den Spieleverfilmungs-Fluch brechen? Die ersten Kritiken zur neuen Sci-Fi-Serie sind da — Serien News

When a new game adaptation is announced, whether as a film or a series, there are always two questions: Is the adaptation only for fans of the video games, or do non-experts also have a chance without prior knowledge to follow the story? And: Can the legendary curse that weighs on game adaptations and says that they are mostly bad, be broken?

With » Halo «, another series based on a successful game must now ask these questions — and the first reviews suggest that the sci-fi action series, which starts on March 24, 2022 on Sky , at least times is not a complete letdown. What is important, however, is that the critics have only seen two of the nine episodes, which of course somewhat reduces the significance of the ratings.

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We give you a brief overview of the mood in the international trade press. A look at the Metacritic collection of reviews shows: In the nine reviews evaluated so far (as of March 15, 12:00 p.m.), “Halo” has an average rating of 62/100 points – not a good one, but at least a solid average. However, the individual reviews are very different, especially in terms of character drawing — while some find the Master Chief exciting and his story interesting, others find the characters uninvolving.

A selection of critics’ voices

Brian Tallerico of The Playlist writes, » Pablo Schreiber [performer Master Chief] has always managed to convey vulnerability beneath his stoic, strong exterior. Here he takes on a character who could very easily have been bland and makes him interesting enough that the audience wants to know what happens next.”

Collider ‘s Chase Hutchinson also praises the character of Mast Chief aka John, so while the first two episodes only scratch the surface of her story, it feels like the game will delve even deeper as it progresses — there’s a lot going on potential for the series. Above all, it is the relationship between John and Quan ( Yerin Ha ) that can outweigh the other weaknesses of the series.

Variety ‘s Caroline Framke points out that in addition to the action scenes, a lot of time is spent on world building and expanding the story. The series hasn’t quite found its own perspective yet, which would be important to stand out from the game and be really interesting. But as another contribution to the ever-expanding Halo universe, it’s ambitious enough to merit a closer look.

Dan Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter complains that the series ticks off typical game elements that fans might find compelling — different weapon types, helpful achievements, references to different characters or planets. «But for those of us who don’t need or appreciate those things, ‘Halo’ delivers a generic story, limited interesting characters, and a decidedly high special effects budget that produces respectable but unremarkable results.»

Entertainment Weekly ‘s Darren Franich describes «Halo» as an «assault rifle that doesn’t take direct hits.» Franich emphasizes that the first two episodes feel like a prologue to later events.

And to come back to the two questions asked at the beginning: Opinions differ on whether “ Halo ” can only inspire experienced gamers or also noobs. But at least the sci-fi series doesn’t seem to have completely succumbed to the curse of video game adaptations and was able to convince some critics.

You can get a picture for yourself from March 24, 2022, when «Halo» starts on Sky.

After criticism: Producer of the «Halo» series defends controversial helmet decision

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