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A debut director can’t even dream of a budget of over 100 million dollars — especially not when filming an original idea that is not based on any template or franchise. There is one reason above all that Wally Pfister still got this mega sum: Christopher Nolan .

From » Memento » to » The Dark Knight Rises «, Pfister was the director’s regular cinematographer for over a decade. The collaboration culminated in Pfister winning an Oscar for Inception . When he wanted to direct it himself, Nolan helped him. Also thanks to the filmmaker enjoying complete freedom in Hollywood after his «Dark Knight» trilogy behind him, a subsidiary of Nolan’s house studio Warner and investors from China opened their wallets very wide. The result is «Transcendence» — a veritable sci-fi mega flop!

Sat. 1 is showing “ Transcendence ” this Saturday, March 12, 2022, from 10:35 p.m. However, we cannot recommend switching it on. Because «Transcendence», which is also available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as a subscription, is unfortunately not one of those visionary sci-fi films that were perhaps ahead of their time and were misjudged by cinema audiences at the time — although the story is exciting and sounds promising.

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«Transcendence»: Johnny Depp puts us to sleep

In the near future, scientist Dr. Will Caster ( Johnny Depp ) on an artificial super intelligence. But when he’s near death following an assassination attempt, his wife Evelyn Caster ( Rebecca Hall ) and colleague Max Waters ( Paul Bettany ) transfer his consciousness to the supercomputer. Will, who now lives on as artificial intelligence, soon needs more and more computing power, takes over the Internet and builds his own utopia.

His wife is still faithfully at his side, while Max quickly has doubts. But first he gets captured by a terrorist group led by Bree ( Kate Mara ). Much like the government in the form of FBI Agent Buchanan ( Cillian Murphy ), Bree wants to stop the runaway Will. And even Evelyn has doubts when the even more powerful Will begins to take over and control people too…

Transcendence Trailer DF
Transcendence Trailer DF


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