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Christopher Nolan started it off in 2000 with Memento. This was followed by a boom in films that play on multiple levels (different times, dream worlds or madness vs. reality) and tangle the viewer’s brain. The term «Mindfuck» prevailed for this narrative technique, which is used excessively in science fiction or mystery.

In the successful case, mainstream films use mindfuck strategies to give solid action spectacles that certain something (“Inception”, “Looper”, “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Tenet”). At worst, filmmakers use them as an excuse to suspend logic entirely—or to use cheap tricks to mislead the viewer.

But there are also directors who radically pull us into the subjective inner world of the characters with mindfucks. That includes the early Christopher Nolan («Following», «Memento»), David Lynch of course — and in the realm of science fiction Shane Carruth . You can stream his masterful sci-fi film Upstream Color on MUBI. The provider can be booked separately or as an additional channel on Amazon Prime Video, where there is also a free 7-day test period:

›› «Upstream Color» at Amazon Prime Video *

Upstream Color director Shane Carruth: Radical auteur filmmaker

Shane Carruth is one of the most radical, consistent auteur filmmakers ever. Since 2004 he has only made two films in which he has served as director, producer, author, composer and editor.

Steven Soderbergh once called Carruth «the illegitimate child of David Lynch and James Cameron.» Whereby the influence of the straight Hollywood pro Cameron tends towards zero, at least stylistically. What Carruth associates with Cameron’s «Terminator» is at most the time travel motif in his debut «Primer». In it, two engineers more or less accidentally invent a time machine in their free time. They use it first to make money on the stock exchange and then to prevent an attack on the girlfriend of one of the engineers.

Time travel in film has never been as credible and at the same time brain-twisting as it is in the case of the studied mathematician and former software developer Carruth, and never since.

Difficult to retell: The story of Upstream Color

Retelling the story of «Upstream Color» is not that easy. They have to be painstakingly extracted from an intricate plot that Carruth presents full of hints, omissions and loops. He boldly jumps through time and space without a clear marker. In order to understand the story, you have to have seen the film at least twice. Or you should have opened the (good) description at Wikipedia on a second screen.

Since a retelling is hardly possible (and doesn’t do justice to the quality of the film either), a few key points of the story have to suffice. Kris ( Amy Seimetz ) is drugged by a man while visiting a club. He gives the young woman an insect larva. The maggot triggers a kind of hypnosis in Kris. In this state, the man gets her to raise money for him.

Upstream Color Trailer OV
Upstream Color Trailer OV



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