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Anyone who has already familiarized themselves a little with “ Jackass ” knows that those responsible for the cult prank and stunt format fight particularly hard. There’s hardly a dare that Johnny Knoxville , Steve-O and Co. shy away from. Instead, they let themselves be shot into the sky from cannons, shove New Year’s Eve rockets into every orifice, sniff wasabi, eat omelettes made from vomit or step into the ring with a raging bull.

» Jackass Forever » has been in German cinemas since March 10th . The now fourth screen release of the cult MTV series shows above all that the suicidal chaos clique has lost none of its breakneck willingness to take risks even at the age of 50. On the contrary, fans of «Jackass» not only get their money’s worth, but also experience the best cinema performance of Johnny Knoxville and his insane companions to date. You can find out why in the official FILMSTARTS review.

The official FILMSTARTS review of «Jackass Forever».
«Candyman’s Curse» below the belt

+++ Opinion +++

I’m also a big fan of «Jackass» and was all the happier that «Jackass Forever» not only met the high expectations after the great » Jackass 3D «, but exceeded them. Rarely has pure escalation been so grandiosely lived out in the cinema as here. However, there is one moment that pushed me to my limits and even caused me to take my eyes off the screen for a moment. Leading actors: Steve-O and a startled beehive.

As a long-time «Jackass» supporter, I’m of course used to some of the boys and girls (because with Rachel Wolfson there’s finally a woman on board) and I know what I’m getting into. As painful as the moments are when the crew lets scorpions sting them and tarantulas bite them. They haven’t been nearly as challenging to me as Steve-O’s bee encounter.

But no duel between «Avatar 2» and «Aquaman 2»: Warner postpones DC sequel and other films

Here’s what happens: Steve-O and the rest of the gang visit a beekeeper who takes care of several thousand bees. While Steve-O stands stark naked on a small table, his privates are first lathered with honey before a giant queen bee is placed on his genitals. Shortly thereafter, a myriad of bees arrive and settle into Steve-O’s crotch. The bees pile up in such a way that it soon looks as if a huge, buzzing bee tail is growing out of Steve-O’s body.

The sight of it, coupled with the worst screams Steve-O has ever uttered from his lungs in his entire Jackass career, unleashed such a sinking, sickening feeling in my stomach that I can draw on again and again, just thinking about that disturbing scene. This test of courage, which seems like a perversion of the horror film Candyman ‘s Curse , is nothing new in and of itself, because Johnny Knoxville already put on the so- called Beekini in the first season of «Jackass», albeit not nearly as violently and merciless:

Animal rights activists are calling for a boycott

All the stunts involving animals and insects have a bland aftertaste by nature. The animal rights organization PETA is taking action against the «Jackass» filmmakers and is not only calling for a criminal investigation, but also calling for a boycott . The reason given is that animals are not actors and therefore did not consent to the terrible stunts, but are only abused for our entertainment.

Of course, this accusation cannot be dismissed out of hand and increases the uncomfortable feeling during such animal dares, of which there is a lot to “endure” in “Jackass Forever”. Whether one can morally justify enjoying the scenes is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. Should animals really have been injured or even killed, this is of course to be condemned in the strongest terms.

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