Iron Man’s successor on the way to the MCU “Black Panther” and Netflix power for “Ironheart” on Disney + – series news

2022 Disney and its affiliates.

Disney is diligently expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both in theaters and on Disney+. Three more MCU films await us in cinemas in 2022 and after the current series ” Moon Knight ” three more series and two holiday specials are to follow. And supplies have already been made available for 2023 – including the series “ Ironheart ” about the young successor to Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr. ).

Now the series, which was announced some time ago and features the most important personal details in front of the camera, has taken an important step forward: With Samantha Bailey and Angela Barnes , two female directors have now been found who will each direct three episodes of the six-part series – Bailey the episodes 1-3 and Barnes the episodes 4-6.

Bailey and Barnes bring a wealth of series experience to the table, and Netflix subscribers in particular may have seen some of their previous work: Samantha Bailey is on the team behind the comedy series Dear White People , and Barnes has a few episodes of the series ” Teenage Bounty Hunters ” and ” One Day At A Time ” (as well as of the forthcoming fourth season ” Atlanta “).

Support from the “Black Panther” maker

In addition, the director will support one of the best and most successful MCU films “Ironheart” as a producer, as has now also become known: Ryan Coogler , the creator of ” Black Panther “.

Ryan Coogler’s involvement in the series also makes sense because the new Marvel heroine won’t make her debut in Ironheart, but rather in Coogler’s Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever . Riri Williams aka Ironheart is played by Dominique Thorne (“Beale Street”, “Judas And The Black Messiah”).

This is “Ironheart”

In the comics, Riri Williams is a brilliant young MIT student who manages to build her own Iron Man suit, taking inspiration from Tony Stark’s design and technology.

After the departure of Iron Man from the MCU in “Avengers: Endgame”, Riri alias Ironheart is now virtually predestined to follow in the big footsteps of the MCU veteran. We’ll find out if and how she succeeds in the course of 2023 on Disney+ .

Is Iron Man to blame for the next big Marvel villain? Key role cast in new MCU series “Ironheart”.



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