In 3 days there will be a sensational “Walking Dead” comeback the trailer for the spin-off sequel already reveals it – series news

In the same year in which ” The Walking Dead ” said goodbye to its former main character Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln ) in the supposed death, shortly before that the spin-off ” Fear The Walking Dead ” pulled off a very similar number with its protagonist: Apparently, in season 4, the family mother Madison ( Kim Dickens ) sacrifices herself in the fight against the zombies to enable her children to escape. Unlike Rick, however, we didn’t directly see that Madison survived the whole thing.

But since her death was not shown explicitly either, the assumptions persisted that Madison was still alive and would return one day. And now the time has actually come that “Fear The Walking Dead” is once again a step ahead of the parent series, where many fans are still eagerly awaiting Rick’s comeback (which will probably be released at the end of the year or only in the still planned Rick films ).

Madison also featured in “FTWD” Season 8

In the second part of the seventh season of “Fear The Walking Dead” (aka season 7B), there is finally a reunion with Madison – and according to previous information, this will probably already be in the first new episode, which will be released in Germany on April 18, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video appears.

» “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 7 on Amazon Prime Video *

Madison’s comeback was announced on The Walking Dead talk show Talking Dead in December 2021. And in the trailer above, there’s a sneak peek at what the return will look like now. In the eighth season of “FTWD” that has already been confirmed, actress Kim Dickens will be part of the main cast again from the start.

But we are sure that season 7B will also provide some answers as to how she managed to escape her hopeless situation at the time and what she has been up to in the meantime.

The Amazon Prime news in April

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