Icy apocalyptic thriller coming soon to Netflix Trailer for “Operation Black Krab” with Noomi Rapace

While films like “Army Of The Dead”, “Red Notice” or “The Adam Project” are successful self-sellers for Netflix , the streaming service is also always good for one or the other surprise hit. “ Operation Black Crab ,” available to watch on Netflix March 18, 2022 , could be one. If you believe the trailer for the apocalyptic thriller with Noomi Rapace, then we can expect an atmospheric and versatile genre flick that makes use of one of the oldest tricks: the MacGuffin.

A MacGuffin is mostly an object whose sole purpose is to get the story rolling. The curious thing is that this arbitrary object is actually of the greatest possible importance, but is never resolved in the film itself and thus becomes an empty plot goal. Prime examples of this are the golden suitcase from “Pulp Fiction”, the carpet in “The Big Lebowski” or the $40,000 in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.

“Operation Black Crab” and a mysterious package

In the film, the world has been almost completely destroyed by a war that is still raging. In a particularly harsh winter, a team of six Swedish soldiers are sent on a secret mission that could finally end the war. A mysterious package (the MacGuffin in “Operation Black Crab”) is to be transported across an icy archipelago. But first they have to cross enemy lines.

It quickly becomes clear that the eternal ice is not the greatest danger and that the soldiers are constantly confronted with deadly and unknown dangers. In addition, Caroline Edh ( Noomi Rapace ), a former speed skater, has her own goals for the mission. Her daughter has namely been seen in a refugee camp, which means that Caroline could be reunited with her if she successfully completes the mission…

The director should be kept in mind

Operation Black Crab is based on the 2005 novel Ice by Jerker Virdborg, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Adam Berg. If you would like to buy the book template, you can currently (only) obtain a used edition from Amazon for little money:

» “Ice” (novel) at Amazon *

The name Adam Berg is not yet well known, but that could change soon. And not only “Operation Black Crab” could provide support. A very exciting project is currently in development for which Berg is once again set to direct: a remake of David Cronenberg’s scandalous cult film ” Videodrome ” . It remains to be seen whether we will actually ever see this work. In any case, it would be interesting.

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