It’s well-built with an excellent keyboard and an easy-to-use interface that focuses on messaging. The speakerphone is too quiet to use in busy outdoor situations, but transmissions from the speakerphone mic sound clear. There’s also “Faves,” a customizable screen of favorite contacts where you can see their latest status updates and call or contact them quickly. The Slide is a snappy device, both on paper during benchmarking and in real-world use. T-Mobile’s App pack — a set of applications suggested by T-Mobile, and an easy way to browse them.

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It feels solid, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it on the dance floor while texting your ex at 3 a. It comes with its own media-syncing software, doubleTwist Free,which will sync your photos, videos, and music including iTunes playlists to the phone from either a PC or Mac. Bright areas slids to be overexposed and pictures are a bit washed out, but resolution and sharpness are good. YouTube htc mytouch 3g slide The inevitable comparisons Because it’s an Android horizontal slider, it’s going to be compared to the Motorola Droid.

About myTouch 3G Slide Choosing a cell phone can be like choosing a pair of shoes for many people. I wouldn’t have anything to complain about if I were to use this as my daily driver. Battery life was quite good at 7 hours and 4 minutes of talk time. It’s well-built with an excellent keyboard and an easy-to-use interface that focuses on messaging. This page was last updated: Number of bids and ytc amounts may be slightly out of date. YouTube link Final thoughts and impressions The Slide is first and foremost a phone and communication device, and it does an excellent job at both.


However, the full alide will only htc mytouch 3g slide available on processors of ARMv7 design and newer. They’re full resolution, so htc mytouch 3g slide viewers beware. Again we refer mytoucu to the mytoouch warranty. For me, it’s a decent trade for being more pocketable and feeling better against my head on a call, but it’s something you need to decide for yourself.

Segan is also a multiple award-winning htc mytouch 3g slide writer.

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The phone doesn’t go all that loud, but voices sound deep and well-rounded, and they easily mjtouch out htc mytouch 3g slide background noise. How to Clone a Hard Drive. Views Read Edit View history. All the standard Htc mytouch 3g slide features you know and love are there, as well as a few Slide specifics.

The battery is a mAh Li-Ion, and I have mytoouch complaints about battery life — even with poor signal I was easily able to get a full day’s use of e-mail, messaging and talk.

View All 5 Photos in Gallery. None of the apps are too invasive, and a few are even handy programs you would want anyway. Htc mytouch 3g slide and Conclusions The Htc mytouch 3g slide makes a good multimedia phone. It certainly won’t be breaking any land-speed records, but it’s more than able and holds its own against some of the other newer offerings in the Android world.


Log in or Sign up. Product is still unowned, unused and in new condition. This update was made in a downloadable client for Windows users only. On the multimedia side, the Slide performs much better that expected. Cons Not the fastest processor.

The Camera The Slide comes with a 5-megapixel fixed-focus camera, with software zoom and effects — i. That said, the myTouch 3G Slide will fulfill most folks’ smartphone demands, especially if they’re messaging addicts. On top you have the power button and a 3.

myTouch 3G Slide

Stills turned mytoucy fair, even in my less-than-capable hands. There’s a guided setup process which helps you select soide one of seven themes and plug in all of your social networking and e-mail accounts, along with home-screen widgets that display recent messages from various services.

But it’s solid all around, running a htc mytouch 3g slide version of Android, and it’s easy to use and set up. Inside you’ll find everything in its own padded compartment, where it fits nicely safe and sound.