Heimkino-Geheimtipp In diesem FSK-18-Horrortrip erwarten euch literweise Blut viel nackte Haut und purer Exzess – uncut!

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Noise, drugs, sex, a devastating thirst for blood, and the question of whether what takes a long time will finally be good. The intoxicating horror “ Bliss – Trip to Hell ” can thus be described on two levels. On the one hand, because the loud, bloody film by director Joe Begos (” VFW – Veterans of Foreign Wars “) is about a painter who is stuck in a creative crisis and therefore distracts herself from her slow work progress with sex and drugs. On the other hand, said question also aptly describes the German publication history of “Bliss”.

In 2019, the insider tip was shown at the Fantasy Filmfest, and in early 2020 it was released in a handful of cinemas. A DVD and Blu-ray release was announced promptly, but only followed in the summer of 2021, and in a small, high-priced edition. In addition, the publication took place without prior examination by the FSK. Now, finally, “Bliss” is coming onto the market quite regularly at a standard price – and uncut at that with a release for over 18s.

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With regard to the home cinema release, it was actually said for “Bliss”: good things come to those who wait. Does this realization also apply to the protagonist of the film, or does her long, rocky, horrendous path to artistic fulfillment end less well? In order to find out, you should at best take this proverbial “trip to hell”. Worth it.

This is “Bliss”

Dezzy ( Dora Madison ) is a painter. She’s into rock and metal, oh, everything that makes noise, as well as casual sex. And on drugs. On the other hand, what she can’t stand is her current creative stalemate and threats from her manager to cut off her money supply because of her inactivity. So she gets her dealer to give her some hearty stuff so that the creative synapses glow properly again. However, the new coke blend “Diabolo” has it all: Dezzy literally mutates into a new, unscrupulous person. But at least her canvas is filling up again – albeit at an immense cost…

Bliss Trailer OV
Bliss Trailer OV


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