FSK 18 highlight One of the best horror films of the year is now in cinemas even earlier – cinema news

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The regular theatrical release of “ Dark Glasses – Blinde Angst ” was planned for July 7, 2022 in Germany. But you don’t have to wait that long if you want to see the latest prank by Dario Argento (“Suspiria”). Because the theatrical release has now been brought forward:

“Dark Glasses – Blinde Angst” will be released in German cinemas on June 16, 2022 – three weeks earlier! The horror film, which has already been shown at the Berlinale and the Fantasy Filmfest, will soon finally be able to be seen regularly on the big screen.

And if you’re looking forward to the film at home afterwards, you don’t have to wait long either: “Dark Glasses” will be released for home cinemas on July 29th – in two strictly limited editions (each including DVD and Blu-ray), which you can already secure.

» “Dark Glasses” Limited Edition A at Amazon *
» “Dark Glasses” Limited Edition B at Amazon *

“Dark Glasses – Blinde Angst”: A serial killer against a blind prostitute

In “Dark Glasses” a series of murders of prostitutes rocks the Italian capital Rome. Luxury call girl Diana ( Ilenia Pastorelli ) narrowly escapes the killer. But in a car accident resulting from a chase, she loses her sight. With the help of Rita ( Asia Argento ) she tries to start a new life without sight. Her path soon crosses that of the little boy Chin ( Xinyu Zhang ), who lost his parents in that car accident. But the killer is also on Diana’s tracks to complete his work. But together with Chin, she knows how to defend herself…

We’ve seen “Dark Glasses” and we’re thrilled. Giallo maestro Dario Argento shows once again why he is one of the horror kings. For the always very bloody film, in which not only the killer cuts throats with a knife, but one is also bitten through, we give it 4.5 stars:

The FILMSTARTS review of “Dark Glasses”



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