Even if everyone is only talking about the slap in the face You can now secure Will Smith’s Oscar film for your home cinema – cinema news

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After years of waiting, the time had finally come in the night from Sunday to Monday. One of Hollywood’s biggest superstars finally won his first Oscar. Will Smith subsequently became the dominant media topic – just not in the way the newly crowned Oscar winner and the team behind his film ” King Richard ” had wished . Because Smith’s dramatic performance as Richard Williams, father and trainer of tennis aces Venus & Serena Williams, has not been the subject of heated discussion since then…

… instead, the coverage revolves almost exclusively around Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars. He previously compared Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith , to the protagonist from The Jane Files , played by Demi Moore . Smith has since apologized for his attack – so it’s to be hoped that the art of film will soon come into focus again.

Anyone who wants to hold Will Smith’s Oscar performance in their hands in time for the home cinema release despite the slap in the face can already pre-order “King Richard” on DVD, Blu-ray and as a 4K disc:

» “King Richard” at Amazon *

Co-produced by Will Smith, the tennis biopic is set to hit home theaters on May 19, 2022.

This is King Richard

The great success of tennis icons Venus and Serena Williams is no coincidence: even before they were born, their father Richard Williams made it his goal to turn his children into absolute professionals and even wrote a 78-page master plan for this. Even before Venus ( Saniyya Sidney ) and Serena ( Demi Singleton ) were of school age, he gave them regular tennis lessons. And while the sisters’ relationship with their father was never the easiest, he pulled out all the stops to help them overcome any career hurdles. Be it sexism, class differences or racism…

King Richard Trailer DF
King Richard Trailer DF



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